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Customer Data Platform (CDP): What Is It

In the digital age, the public must be won over! For this, your company needs to know its consumers, and nothing better than the Customer Data Platform to gather valuable information.

Learn more about this platform in the content below. The Customer Data Platform is a system that seeks to understand users’ online behaviors to outline a profile of preferences and guarantee products and services per what is sought.

This is discovered according to your research and profiles you follow on social networks, among other data collection mechanisms. Using this machine learning model makes your company more competitive in the market.

With so many brands on the internet and products being created daily, producing personalized material means being ahead of many competitors and creating identification with your consumer.

What Is A Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

The Customer Data Platform is a platform that gathers user information from multiple sources to unify everything into one database.

In addition to being a store, it also generates reports with analytics that result in a user profile. According to this profile, brands can understand customer expectations regarding the market and their brand.

This information gathered by the system may vary according to the company’s segment and the product it sells; however, the most common data are:

  • Data from search engines;
  • Behavior within web pages;
  • Type of relationship the user has with the company;
  • What are the social networks in which he interacts the most;
  • Demographic and socioeconomic data.

According to research conducted by Microsoft, around 53% of users leave the site or page if they don’t feel they have a good experience.

However, to understand this type of expectation, it is necessary to study this customer and understand their preferences.

How Does The Platform Work?

The platform uses unique mechanisms to collect and analyze data from different sources to create robust strategies for the user.

It is possible to say that the work performed by machine learning could be in human hands; however, the agility and ability to cross data by the machine are much better. See below the Customer Data features that help you manage information:

Data Lake Management

A repository of data and information that has not yet been filtered or refined is a space that contains thousands of data from various sources.

The data lake can be linked to Customer Data to analyze these collections and cross-reference relevant knowledge.

Consent Management

The interface that establishes the protection of collected data by the country’s new data security policies is the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

Users must consent to provide their information to companies, which, in turn, must store and use it carefully and securely.

Data Lineage

Another tool that aims to ensure the safety of collected materials. In this case, the data lineage stores the data with the relevant information about it, such as origin, use, consent, and which path it will take (where it will be used).

Built-In Function

It facilitates the analysis of stored data with customized search models for the most relevant information for the contracting company. It is one of the fundamental tools for functioning of the Customer Data Platform.

ID Resolution

The system organizes information to the point of beginning to produce an understanding of the profile of users who had their data collected.

Date Enrichment

It promotes the connection of the Customer Data platform to the primary research sources in each country, such as the Institute of Geography and Statistics (IGE) and Geo-Behavior, among others.

Smart Activations

After all the processing of this information collected and analyzed, this tool helps create campaigns and ads more segmented, that is, focused on a specific niche.

What Is The Difference Between CDP And CRM?

The two platforms work together and are essential to ensure the best result in digital marketing.

Each performs specific functions to ensure the success of your business according to customer responses to the interactions generated.

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) aims to collect, store and analyze data to profile users to generate a pleasing experience within digital channels.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is responsible for managing leads and consumers who have already positioned themselves about the brand and have some identification with the company.

Using both platforms, it is possible to ensure a successful and highly profitable digital marketing strategy.

The Benefits Of A Customer Data Platform

Automating some digital marketing processes is advantageous for several factors, such as time and accuracy.

In addition, being able to count on employees who were previously tied to processes to participate in more profound and creative projects is very good for teams. The Customer Data Platform presents these advantages above and a few more, see:

More Intelligent Data And Information Analysis

CDP gathers data from multiple channels and can analyze it in a unified way, generating accurate results in relation to the answers we need. More insightfully, CDP assists in decision-making.

Information Security

The platform guarantees total privacy of all data collected and even manages to assign it to single use, which the user already agrees to.

Organization Of Data Management

The platform uses organized and technological interfaces to handle the information collected. This way, it is easier to carry out analyses when necessary, with no papers on the table and hours looking for and cross-referencing information.

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