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IPTorrents | Here Are The List Of Unblock IPTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites Working In 2023

IPtorrents websites download torrent files 10x faster than most torrents. These IPtorrents are mainly found for updating the latest information about movies, TV episodes, games, and other latest and premium content. IPtorrents are also called virtual downloading gateway for several people who use IPtorrents as a premium torrent file.

IPtorrents are among the fastest torrent sites available online with private trackers. We can also become a member of the website when you help by inviting anyone to the website. Because of the remaining pirated websites on the internet, like many other torrent websites, IPtorrents are also severely affected due to the significant piracy on the Internet organizations.

These torrent websites are also banned in many other countries, and it is tough to remain without IPtorrents. IPtorrents are mainly invite-only torrent websites for which users can sign up. This means anyone has to invite you to the website to turn in as a member of that website so that you can sign into it.

And if you want a registration on that website, you need to get a membership of IPtorrents. These happy torrents are the quickest websites that help inaccessible private trackers. By becoming a member of the IPtorrents website, it provides verified torrents to users who have been using them for many years.

The website has become well known, and it is available all around the clock, which means anyone can access this site and the data from the reliable site, and the information given by this website has been there for many years. It also has a credit system and helps the user earn more credits, and in return, the user gets a quality band with the help of the credits.

Many countries have banned these websites, and the website cannot be accessible everywhere. However, it can be retrieved through its mirror proxy sites. The rank of IPtorrents is 40th among all the downloading sites.

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Working Proxy And Mirror Sites Of IPtorrents

When the government blocks the official site, the proxy sides will arise. In the same way, when IPtorrents official site is blocked, the proxy or mirror sites are given access to the original location in many countries. While accessing this site, any users face problems like ok log-in issues.

And some people are facing a problem like they should get an invitation to enter into the site. But accessing the homepage through other browsers is not a good option to open the website. Whenever a proxy site arises, the original website has been blocked in that area.

From every corner of the world, there are many users who find it hard to unblock the website, but they need a fully working proxy site to unlock the website. When the game is given below from the given links, the user can access and unblock their best-loved website.

  • https://iptorrents.eu
  • http://iptorrents.goblockt.com
  • https://iptorrents.us
  • http://iptorrents.me
  • iptorrents proxy UK
  • Iptorrent unblock proxy
  • nemo.iptorrent.com
  • ninja web.XYZ
  • https://nemo.iptorrents.com
  • http://ipt.af/t
  • https://ipt.rock
  • unblock. club
  • iptorrent.com
  • ipt-update.com/t
  • ipt.read-books.org
  • iptorrent. EU
  • unblock sites.co
  • US Proxy
  • iptorrent.ru/t
  • http://www.myipbanned.com/service/index.php?q=iptorrents.com
  • http://s-s.iptorrents.com.prx2.unblocksites.co/login.php
  • http://www.hidewebsite.com/view/iptorrents.com
  • http://www.hidebux.com/proxy/iptorrents
  • http://www.unblockaccess.com/iptorrents/unblock
  • http://s-s.iptorrents.com.prx.proxywebsite.co.uk/login.php
  • http://iptorrents.com.prx.proxywebsite.co.uk/
  • http://iptorrents.immunicity.win

Unblocking Through Good VPN Service

The modern firewalls are quickly figuring out the proxies. The primary use of VPN is that it hides the IP address and helps escape geolocation. By redirecting the traffic on the internet through a virtual IP address, it controls your identity. The user can use the proxy sites and the VPNs to unlock the original website.

Every work there will be some advantages and disadvantages in the same way VPN services are good, and they also influence the speed but, there is a disadvantage that they are very costly. They may affect the streaming experience because of a shortage of servers.

Here are some of the best VPNs to safeguard your device.

  • Express VPN
  • Surf shark VPN
  • Hotspot shield free VPN
  • Torguard VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • VPN book
  • Open VPN
  • Cyber Ghost VPN
  • Tunnel bear VPN

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Some Of The Best Alternatives Of IPtorrents Website

Visa alternative: This alternative helps when the original website is not working correctly. Mainly these alternatives are different from other torrent alternatives. Some of the best alternatives of IPtorrents website are

  • Bit me
  • Redacted
  • Pass the popcorn
  • Bibliotik
  • Anime bites
  • What. CD

Bit Me: This is a tracker used as an e-learning tracker that consists of e-Learning training, novels, documentaries like a TBS, BBC, and discovery and also for college lecturers, web design templates, stock of images or photos or fonts, multimedia production or models.

Redacted: Redacted is one of the most familiar ones, and it has 27,000 users and more than 1 million torrent sites. It is one of the most significant websites that actively participate in private music trackers and decide to consist of individual songs, albums, and discographies. This site is a new one, and we can find all genres of music.

Pass The Popcorn: This is also one of the famous websites which consist of all types of movies. It acquired 35,000 users accessing the website worldwide and 38,0000 torrents globally.

Bibliotik: The number of users using the Bibliotik torrent site is 7000. This is also having a private torrent site, especially for e-books. And with Aquarius 300000 torrent websites.

Anime Bites: This website has almost all users from all over the world. Anime bytes has 141000 torrent websites and 16000 users at present.

What.CD: This website has a private tracker for music, and it consists of premium content about music. Unfortunately, this site hasn’t revived itself from the past many years after being started.


Torrents is a private website with a brisk downloading capacity, and it has a vast database. Even the government has blocked this website the users can access through the proxy sites and VPNs. But we suggest only the legal alternatives that are legal OTT platforms for watching or downloading movies. VPN services play a significant role in torrent websites, and without VPN services, your valuable and personal data will be at risk.

Techno news feed is entirely against privacy and does not encourage any e pirated website. According to the copyright act of 1957, piracy is an act of crime, and it is considered a severe offense. This is only to share knowledge globally, and a suggestion from our side does not go for the torrent websites.

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