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ManTech: How AI Creates A Level Playing Field For Advertising By SMEs

With strong growth of e-commerce, solutions have now emerged for ManTech that also enable smaller companies keep up social media advertising. Companies with smaller advertising budgets have difficulty competing with larger competitors who have benefited from increased e-commerce volumes since 2020. Special solutions for ManTech were created to give brands of all sizes a chance to win the game of social media advertising. And that without expensive agencies, data science teams, or large creative teams.

E-commerce has seen record growth due to the restrictions on retail caused by the pandemic. Online sales rose by almost 44 percent and have increased steadily over the past three quarters. As consumers become more accustomed to digital shopping, competition for direct response ads among brands is fiercer than ever, especially for small businesses.

ManTech: Identifying Successful Combinations

As a result, brands need to produce more visual content on a large scale. The goal is to identify successful content combinations that can deliver efficient cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and return-on-ad spend (ROAS) metrics on a larger scale. This usually means companies need more content and more budget for A / B testing to identify top performers.

In addition, recent interaction patterns in online consumer behavior show that video is the fastest-growing advertising format. The format accounts for 35 percent of all digital advertising expenditure. It shows an annual growth of nearly 30 percent year-over-year for a total of 60 billion US dollars. However, it is also the most expensive and time-consuming medium to create.

Eliminate The Gap Between SMEs And Big Brands

“Small companies have a hard time competing with large teams and high advertising spending that established companies can afford,”. “This creates an unfair dynamic. The more budget you have available for creating assets and running expensive A / B tests, the more successful you are. And that regardless of the quality of the product, it’s positioning or its impact on the world. Our mission is to use AI to bridge this gap and make the best teams and products succeed. “

Fast-growing brands like Sunday Citizen, Spot Pet Insurance, Cook Unity, and others use the Genus AI Growth platform to ensure that their creative process is scalable and creative teams have quantitative AI-generated insights for resource selection.

ManTech With Integrated AI Makes The Difference

“ManTech with artificial intelligence makes a real difference. We’re very happy with the content that stands out when you look at Genus’s AI-driven campaigns. They all exceed ROAS goals at a very similar CPA, which is never the case when we run various tests ourselves. The fact that we can do this with a small team is a key advantage for us,”.

“The Genus AI platform uses a proprietary architecture with deep neural networks to evaluate every component of image or video assets, assess and rate product clips, photoshoots, user-generated content (UGC), and testimonials. It compiles thousands of ads, analyzes and selects the most likely to convert, and discards the rest. This cuts production, data analysis, and A / B testing costs significantly, and enables brands of all sizes to campaign more effectively and start”,.

The company reports that Genus AI’s customers have not only seen lower team costs. They also achieve up to three times higher ROAS and up to 30 percent lower CPA on their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. “It’s time brands that can’t normally afford coveted data science teams, expensive agencies, or huge creative resources can make a difference,”.

Genus AI is a provider of an artificial intelligence-driven growth platform. It enables brands of all sizes to create advertising media automatically. In addition, it is determined in advance which advertising media are best suited for social media. In addition, the platform enables ManTech companies to model the same target groups. 

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