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Transmedia: What Is It, And How To Apply It?

Do you know what transmedia communication is? Understand how this modernity can reach larger audiences! The word transmedia and its concept has everything to do with technology and modernity.

However, this idea is not so recent! The initial definition of transmedia was initiated by Henry Jenkins, a communication scholar, in 1991.

If you are a student or graduate in the area of ​​communication – as a professional in public relations, journalism, advertising, marketing or related areas – it is possible that you have already heard about this topic.

In the following text, we will understand what transmedia is and how to use this concept for a good communication strategy. Let’s go.

What Is Transmedia? Know Examples

Transmedia, explained in a very simplified way, is the dissemination of information through different channels that communicate. Too hard to visualize, isn’t it? So let’s go back a little bit, contextualizing.

Some time ago, it was more common for people to get information only through traditional communication channels. As well as television, radio or printed newspapers. Nowadays, we can inform ourselves through multiple communication channels! Including, through the smartphone, in the palm of our hand.

However, communication takes place in the former channels such as television, newspaper and radio. But there is also room for modernity, such as social networks. This proves that there is no substitution of one technology for another but the incorporation of new means.

In addition, naturally, we also have a consumer profile that is constantly modernizing and changing. He is a multi screen user, well informed, demanding and who, in addition to consuming, produces a lot of content.

In this way, it becomes necessary for thinkers and content producers to seek this type of modernity to attract the audience they so desire! That is why it has become so common to access content in a super dynamic way. How about an example?

Imagine following news or news directly from a broadcast on YouTube, where you can comment, react, follow content in text, images, and participate in discussion forums on the same subject. That way, do a lot more simultaneously.

How To Apply This Concept In Communication Campaigns?

Adding multiple options for conveying a message in an interactive, dynamic way encompassing different techniques can be essential for a successful communication campaign.

And don’t think that this is a task from another world! Even in your business, this is possible. How about promoting content through Instagram, such as a new product in your catalogue? So, you can use text, video, and descriptions and even tag your posts with the prices of the products being sold.

What Is The Difference Between Transmedia And Cross-Media?

However, be careful not to confuse cross-media with transmedia. When we have content such as a website that uses multiple communication tools to convey an idea, we are discussing cross-media. Imagine the following: the home page of a website. You can integrate videos, photos, slides, text, audio and much more there, right? This is storytelling, a story with a beginning, middle and end. This is cross-media, which merges different communication channels but is much simpler.

Now, if this content is interactive and can be followed at any time, generating more complex and significant exchanges in different channels, we are entering the concept of transmedia. For example, a television program like MasterChef on Twitter publishes other recipes in addition to those presented in the program and asks to check out the step-by-step on Instagram, which also brings backstage and has links that lead to other longer videos on YouTube and so on.

It’s no use having bold thinking to attract customers and not having the time, structure or employees to give due attention to the public.

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