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Content Marketing Strategy: Google Product Reviews

Content Marketing Strategy: Google’s search algorithm update will prioritize websites from companies with in-depth reviews of their products and services offered.

Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to develop a complete content marketing strategy considering this aspect.

But what is this news about the Google search engine? What does it have to do with user experience? Let’s explain further below and show the impact on your company.

What Is The Product Reviews Update?

First, it’s essential to understand that Google’s algorithms constantly evolve to show users the most relevant and helpful information. Therefore, updates are released frequently to promote changes in ranking factors to help users find what they are looking for.

In this sense, in the case of products, when you search for the specific name of a good or service, you are usually directed to specialized pages. But do these results deliver what you need?

Google found that people are looking for more complete reviews, with detailed reviews and not just superficial content summarizing products. As a result, based on deeper evaluations, users have a better basis for deciding to buy the product.

With an eye on this trend in consumer behavior, the search engine launched improvements in the classification processes of product and service pages, with the aim of rewarding content that is more in line with user needs.

So, in addition to containing best practices for search engine optimization (SEO), the content marketing strategy for reviews should weigh more heavily on this update. Since its objective is to offer quality, relevant, original content with careful analysis, research and written by those who understand the subject.

What Is The Impact Of The Content Marketing Strategy?

With the change in Google’s algorithms, it is clear that you need to produce advanced content in this area of ​​product evaluation. This is because organic search should deliver results more suited to user requirements, as mentioned above. 

Companies must have complete and thorough reviews of products and services. At first, this novelty may seem that it only makes sense for B2C companies, which deal more with everyday items, such as cell phones, computers, appliances and other goods.

Here you can review a new smartphone model, for example, about technology, design, battery life, storage capacity, security measures, and camera specifications, among other details.

However, this also applies to B2B companies, as the products and services offered can also be evaluated and bring grounded technical analyzes that will help leads to understand what is being sold, its benefits, its specifications and differentials.

In this case, for example, it is possible to review a cloud computing service with all the associated technical details, such as storage capacity, performance, flexibility, security, monitoring and, of course, the cost. It is also possible to give a step-by-step guide on configuring, among other types of content.

In other words, the company needs to improve its content marketing strategy, with better detailing of its product or service and SEO techniques, to get a good ranking on Google. After all, being in the first position of the search engine represents a more significant potential for visitors, organic traffic and sales.

Top Tips For Optimizing Product Reviews

After understanding the importance of improving product reviews in your company to meet Google’s requests, impact users and seek more sales, we separate some valuable tips for improving your content marketing strategy and leaving excellent reviews. Check out!

First, you need to accurately identify the product or service to make it easier for users to find on Google.

In this way, it is necessary to structure the data with name, brand, description, image, seller specification, shipping locations, delivery, shipping, user rating, offers and other items. Of course, not all of these aspects will be present in all products and services, but keeping them in mind is good.

Another relevant point is the seller’s identification to guarantee the purchase’s origin, legitimacy and security.

In addition, Google itself brought more recommendations:

  • Show specialized knowledge about the services and products;
  • Present the product and service physically, when possible, and explain how it is used, providing unique content in addition to material made available by the manufacturer;
  • Make it clear if it is an evolution of previous models or if it is an unprecedented launch;
  • Discuss and list the advantages and even the disadvantages, also using market research;
  • Indicate how that product or service can solve a user’s problem or help in their daily life;
  • Present the quantitative and comparative measures of performance of the product or service about similar ones;
  • Explain the differentials compared to the competition;
  • Describe how the product or service was designed and the impact on customers, going beyond the manufacturer’s explanations.

This can be presented in text, graphics, video and other content formats, providing a comprehensive experience for the user to better analyze the product or service and decide on the purchase.

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