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Digital Marketing Strategy For Technology Companies

Digital Marketing Strategy: The technology segment is on the rise. In this sense, IT businesses need to create new strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out in the market, gaining more visibility and enhancing results.

In this scenario, investment in digital marketing for companies in the sector is essential. To help you, let’s bring a very practical step-by-step.

Seven Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy For Companies 

After knowing the leading digital marketing solutions for technology companies, it is essential to define which ones will be used in your business and know how to implement these strategies. 

Strategic planning 

Planning is crucial for a digital marketing strategy for technology companies to be well-built and bring the expected results. Through it, it is possible to structure the entire subsequent process with the following:

  • Definition of business objectives
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Determining communication channels and content formats
  • persona delimitation
  • Content strategy according to periodicity and dissemination

With all this designed and mapped, the company will be able to understand the behavior of potential customers, the purchase journey, the sales funnel and which content formats are used for each moment of evolution.

Definition Of Persona

To attract leads, educate them and help convert them into business opportunities, companies need to know their persona deeply. With this character in mind, you can devise the most appropriate strategies, contents and formats to reach your pain points, generating interest and engagement.

The creation of personas involves data collection, market benchmarking and interviews with the professional profile that targets technology companies’ solutions. Thus, it is possible to find the character’s behaviors, routines and challenges and be more efficient and assertive in communication.

Purchase Journey

In the digital marketing strategy for technology companies, it is necessary to define the contents that will be worked on during the purchase journey, which is usually defined in 4 stages:

  • Learning and discovery: when the lead does not yet know that he has a challenge or problem to be faced and needs to be alerted;
  • Problem recognition: the lead knows he has a difficulty, and overcoming it is essential to improve performance;
  • Consideration of the solution: now, the lead is already looking for the main alternatives on the market to solve his problem;
  • Purchase decision: now is the time to present your solution to the customer, showing the benefits and differentials for him to buy your product.

For example: if your technology company sells a management system, you need to poke at the wounds of lack of efficiency and operational downfalls, such as errors and low productivity. Then you can talk about the results that can be achieved by overcoming these problems. In the third stage, the tool appears as the solution to the challenges, and, finally, your company emerges as the ideal partner.

Keyword Study 

So that the contents are assertive for each moment of the journey and reach the persona, the planning also defines the keywords to be worked on in the strategy. By analyzing the best word opportunities to produce content, it is possible to build a strategy with an eye on combining good ranking on Google with good search volume.

Editorial Calendar

With all this prior planning, it’s time to create a calendar of publications and content to be produced, whether blog, social network, eBook, emails, newsletter, nutrition flows, podcast and others.

Periodicity is essential in digital marketing strategies for companies to ensure recurrence, making users return to their websites and social networks to see new materials and also as a way to activate Google’s robots to rank their new content.

Content Production

Now it’s time for the actual production. The person responsible for the content needs to follow the SEO rules for using the keyword, keep in mind the moment of the buying journey and ensure the focus is always on the persona. With that, it is already halfway done for the elaboration of the material, which must be of interest, authentic, has a foundation and, above all, help the lead.


To increase the productivity of the digital marketing team, it is essential to implement automation solutions. In this way, it is possible to create automated nutrition flows, schedule and manage the sending of newsletters and marketing emails, in addition to analyzing the metrics after these actions

Not to mention that the platform can give points to the lead for their interaction with the brand, monitoring their behavior to advance in the purchase journey when reaching a particular index.

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