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GDPR And Adv Online, The Activation Of Data Securely And In Real-Time On The Various Digital Channels

The new European privacy legislation has posed many challenges for companies that invest in advertising. Once the work for managing and validating consent has been completed, companies can seize a great opportunity: protect their data and actually use it to make advertising a pleasant experience for the consumer.

Suppose initially, the application of the European GDPR created havoc in the market one year after it entered into force. In that case, the actors involved are starting to realize how to draw essential ideas for improvement from it. The greater attention paid to data protection has highlighted a previously hidden problem: companies must protect their data not only to safeguard user privacy but, above all, because it represents one of the most valuable digital assets.

From the user’s point of view, the feeling that the GDPR has expressed is probably the result of data-driven advertising carried out in an inefficient and, above all, invasive way. At present, many users find themselves annoyed by persistent messages about products they have already purchased or are no longer interested in. Sometimes, an accidental click on a banner is enough to find yourself pressured by a brand that is no longer considered relevant. It is not surprising to discover that a pressing and non-harmonious use of targeted advertising is among the leading causes of the adoption of Adblock, software that blocks advertising on the internet.

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What Makes Online Advertising Annoying And How To void it

Among the causes are too simple campaign settings and, above all, the absence of artificial intelligence in the current DMP stacks ( Data management platform, a platform that aggregates different types of data from online, offline and mobile sources), essentially reduced to mere parameter implementers. Companies currently expose themselves to potential losses of sensitive data and, in doing so, put the relationship of trust with their consumers at risk.

At the moment, many companies are, in fact, reluctant to use their CRM system to correctly post-evaluate their communication, both due to technical difficulties and for fear of exposing sensitive data. Fortunately, the solution exists and is in the hands of technology companies that invest in innovation. In fact, new methodologies allow data to be activated securely, eliminating the risk of data leakage. Machine learning know-how can finally be used to improve the consumer experience, detecting genuine interest and stemming possible inefficiencies in communication.

Careful advertising planning should also seize the opportunity provided by cross-channel Martech technologies. Technological innovation is leading to the birth of marketing solutions capable of managing and optimizing multiple channels from a single interface, activating data collected and processed by companies on each of them to achieve the set communication objectives.

In fact, almost all advertisers use multiple digital channels, from Search to Social: rarely, however, are they able to systematize their data to establish an involvement that is both more continuous and less intrusive towards consumers. The use of data is, therefore, an art where human ingenuity plays a fundamental role: knowledge of users and their habits allows us to create strategies and creativity with a particular impact while respecting the sensitivity of users.

Algorithms and machine learning, therefore, make it possible to achieve fine-tuning and the best configuration in delivery, where completely manual planning would be incapable of managing the thousands of variables involved. The market is already taking the first steps in this direction, and we hope that more and more companies will be able to seize this great opportunity.

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