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Cloud Management: What Tools To Industrialize Cloud Management

Cloud management has established itself in many companies that must continue to manage their on-site infrastructures and resources operated by DevOps teams. The time has now come for the reunification of tools. Bringing together the markets for ITOM (“IT Operation Management”), ITSM (“IT Service Management”), and ITACM (“IT Automation and Configuration Management”) solutions, Markets & Markets analysts estimate that sales of Cloud Management solutions will triple between 2020 and 2025 to reach $31.4 billion by that date.

Many publishers from these markets want to share the cake, from the classics BMC, IBM, Dynatrace, VMware, OpenText / Micro Focus, and many players from the Cloud. Companies with hybrid infrastructures have the choice between classics from the on-premises world and modern DevOps ones. With two billion downloads for its community version, Terraform is the image of these “Infra as Code” solutions, among which we can also include Ansible, Jenkins, Puppet, and Chef, among others.

Companies wanted to have a high level of control over their programming processes, over the development of their applications. Today, they are increasingly interested in “as Code” infrastructure for reasons of performance of their infrastructures. In addition, Terraform can manage resources on any CSP but also control any resource with an API: Bare Metal, CASP, or even Saas.

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Valuable Solutions To Secure Production Platforms

In addition to this ability to work on “Infra as Code” on hybrid architectures, the publisher is pushing its platform on cybersecurity projects: “All large companies face security problems and have had to face data leaks. With the notion of immutability, Terra makes it possible to launch remediation very quickly, even if we do not know exactly how far the hacker was able to penetrate. “As Code” infrastructure clearly has a role to play in this context.

Another area of ​​development for the publisher consists of broadening the different profiles of users of its solution by means of a graphical interface: “A graphical interface is useful to non-technical teams, such as governance, compliance, sometimes “ product owners” which are not as technical as DevOps. It’s also a way to build a real team and not just developers who know how to code. To create successful companies, we need to make all these types of profiles work together.

Historical publisher of Cloud Management with its Turbonomic offer, IBM is working on the integrations of this solution with its observability tools, such as IBM Instana Observability and its FinOps Apptio offer, the idea being to allow businesses to make much more practical and relevant decisions. “The business lines can see what is happening end-to-end at the IT level, with much finer granularity. If we take the example of an insurance company that wants to enter a new market, it sets its business objectives for the project team and allocates resources to it.

The latter must be accountable at project milestones. She will be able to go very finely in her calculation of profitability. If the objective is not achieved, she will try to understand whether this comes from the infrastructure, the code, or unsuitable marketing actions. Now that we are able to connect the different elements of financial and IT observability together with performance management applications, we can manage the business much better, make the right decisions, and automate them, including with management models.

“AI and Generative AI to automate remediation,” estimates Alexandre Signoret, AIOps WW Sales at IBM. In this approach called “Applied Observability,” Turbonomic complements the FinOps approach on the Cloud and assets in data centers, with optimization and automation capacity to reduce infrastructure costs.

Monitor Compliance Of IT Resources In Real Time

If Terraform relies on a graphical interface to broaden the audience of its platform, the French Rudder made the same analysis several years ago: “Our approach is resolutely “Infra as Code,” with configurations in YAML, but with a complete graphical interface” To specify: “A graphical editor makes Infra as Code accessible to as many people as possible. In addition, the reporting and dashboard section provides concrete visibility on the status of the machines.

The Rudder solution is software for automating infrastructure management, including those in the Cloud, on-site, hybrid, and workstations, and the management of on-board devices such as advertising screens. “Our focus is to ensure continuous resilience, avoiding systems drift with configuration management. The publisher now emphasizes the security and ongoing compliance aspects of its offering, the tool making it possible to ensure that the company’s internal security policy or security standards, such as SecNumCloud, the future NIS v2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27000, are well applied.

“Interest and budgets have shifted towards security, and companies are opting for our HCMX platform for security and compliance reasons, but benefiting from a double effect by improving all of their uses and methodologies in parallel with regard to the Cloud,” The platform offers a portal to carry out the design of services. Cloud subscriptions, reservation of on-site infrastructures or t, or the start-up of virtual environments will take place automatically through HCMX.

You can publish a service catalog developed for a team who will then request these resources. The type of platform makes it possible to combine DevOps teams and those who manage legacy infrastructures. Environment requests issued by Terraform are captured and recorded on the Cloud Management platform, which makes it possible to track expenses for all environments and provide access to information to FinOps teams, as well as security and management teams. Compliance. A way to reconcile the old and the modern when very few companies are 100% Cloud.

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