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Three Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

Define buyer personas.

Define objectives.

Choose your digital marketing tools.

1 – Define Buyer Personas

For every marketing strategy, online or offline, it is fundamental to know who it is aimed at. The best digital marketing strategies are built from precise buyer personas; the first step is creating them.

Buyer personas represent ideal customers. They can be created by researching, surveying, and interviewing the target audience. It is important to note that this information must be based on accurate data. Indeed, if a company makes assumptions about its audience, it risks failing in its digital marketing strategy.

Research should include a mix of customers, prospects, and people outside the contact base who match the targeted audiences to get an accurate persona picture.

What information should you compile for buyer personas to shape a digital marketing strategy? This depends on the company’s sector of activity, the market in which it is positioned (B2B or B2C), or its product prices. Here are some starting ideas that can evolve depending on the company.

2 – Define The Objectives

Any online marketing strategy must meet specific objectives so that the company can measure the return on investment (ROI). Among these objectives, four are recurring for the majority of companies.

Increase traffic on the company’s digital media (website, application, newsletter).

Optimization of the visitor/lead/customer conversion tunnel.

Customer loyalty can be broken down into sub-objectives, such as improving the digital experience, maintaining contact, or increasing the trust rate.

Improvement of the company’s notoriety and its e-reputation, the perceived image being essential to attract and retain new customers.

These are concrete and actionable objectives. to define precise, concrete, and actionable objectives. The goal must then meet five criteria.

Specific: towards a single goal.

Measurable: linked to a specific indicator.

Achievable: following defined steps.

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Realistic: able to rely on the necessary means put in place.

Temporal: with a specific due date.

How to measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy is different for each business and depends on the objectives that have been set. Still, it is essential to ensure that you can do so. It will then be more accessible to adjust the strategy as it unfolds.

3 – Choose Your Digital Marketing Tools

Whatever the objective set, it is important to choose marketing tools that support the company in its campaigns and growth, allowing each action’s effects to be measured by channel. Many tools and software help businesses monitor their digital marketing strategy. To be effective, these tools must be easy to use, increase ROI, save time by limiting repetitive tasks, centralize data, and improve a company’s digital presence.

Digital resource management.

Managed customer relationships, including the automation of sending messages on different media.

Centralization of all data and tools.

The creation and optimization of conversational tools.

Management of advertising campaigns.

Optimization of the website.

Analytical data analysis.

Here are some examples of tools:

HubSpot digital marketing software,

Centralized social media management platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite.

Applications to find keywords and content ideas like Uber suggest, Answer The Public, Google Trends, or Yoda Insight.

Tools for sending targeted emails and newsletters like Mail jet or Mailchimp.

Companies must also define their strategy over a long period. It is helpful to write down the times they will carry out each action on paper. For example:

In January, start a blog that will be updated once a week throughout the year.

Release a new electronic book in March along with a sponsored promotion.

In July, prepare for the most critical month of the year.

In September, focus on external media, such as public relations, to increase traffic during the launch period.

Following this approach also allows entrepreneurs to create a structured timeline for their business that will help them communicate their plans to their colleagues and gain clarity.

The strategy document will be personal and adapted to each company, which is why it is practically impossible to create a universal

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