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Digital Marketing Is A Great Ally For IT Companies

With the technological advance experienced in recent decades, digital marketing is no longer a trend and has become essential as an investment for several companies.

After all, those who seek to have a good relationship with their customers need to have online visibility. This movement happens because, currently, it is not enough to be on the internet but to attract the public’s attention without approaching it in an invasive way. In this sense, digital marketing in IT has become a practically mandatory strategy for any company in the sector.

But in the end, how does it work? What are your methods? How are they applied in the IT field? We created this special article to answer questions like this and others. So, enjoy reading!

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of marketing practices that specifically cover the company’s performance on the internet. In other words, it is a way to develop and strengthen the brand identity in the virtual world.

Among its main strategies are content marketing, SEO and Inbound Marketing. Its application occurs through blogs, websites, social media, emails, search engines, etc.

This strategy is crucial for the IT sector, as we are talking about a niche occupied by professionals with a strong presence in the online world. In addition, it is common for the solutions and services of these companies to circulate in this environment.

Therefore, digital marketing has become more than a trend for those working in IT — it is a matter of survival in the market.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a method that focuses on attracting customers, engaging your audience and converting leads by creating content that is relevant to that audience. This may involve, for example, posts on social networks, texts, photos, videos, etc.

The strategy does not contemplate the direct promotion of a brand but focuses on attracting a target audience by offering solutions to their problem. As the internet has become a broad search engine for various subjects, this terrain increasingly shows itself as a fertile field for marketing investment.

Consequently, many services and resources had to be transferred from the physical world to the virtual world. This way, the goal is to have content that interests your audience and strengthens ties with these people.

 Content marketing is a strategy that offers benefits to those who are looking for some information on the subject that you have mastered. Therefore, with it, it is possible to clarify any doubts or teach something. The sale is a consequence of this action.

The past idea is not only useful, but it also brings the right information when your audience needs it most. It is overcoming your customer’s expectations and satisfaction with the reader. Therefore, this makes your information circulate more easily, bringing a good result.

Consumption of content on digital channels increased gradually. This creates opportunities for companies but also brings challenges. After all, competition grows, and we must create increasingly relevant and attractive content.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing?

Tech companies often adopt long and complex sales forms— often involving high-cost products or services. The good news is that content marketing has much to contribute to facilitating this negotiation.

Check out five benefits it brings to IT companies.

Increase In Your Website Traffic

Producing relevant content makes your site closer to the top of Google’s answers page. Thus, those who search for the subject in question soon come across your content and have the first contact with your brand.

It’s no wonder that technology companies that use content marketing are more likely to have visits to their pages. After all, they are making a presence in places that bring in more organic traffic — without actively approaching customers and leads.

Brand Awareness

People who access your website will prefer your brand when they need a service or product, as they already know you and have been helped several times with your content. This is the result of the so-called Brand Awareness.

We are talking about putting your brand in people’s memory. The chances of closing a deal are much higher when the consumer already knows the company he is doing business with — especially for B2B customers looking for efficient and safe solutions.

More Engagement

With the production of quality content, your audience’s interaction grows, generating engagement in your actions. This makes it possible to achieve the so-called spontaneous disclosure — the consumer passes on his content to colleagues and friends due to its value to the group.

Acquisition Cost Reduction

With the content marketing strategy, you reduce the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). This is because your strategy tends to be even more efficient with qualified leads who are most likely to buy your products.

Reduction Of The Sales Cycle

By investing in this method, the sales cycle can be shortened, also because of the approach to leads. With personalized content for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, you create more efficient communication for the specific demands of each customer profile.

That way, they arrive more prepared for the salesperson, who will have less work to do with educating them about the product or service.

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