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Email Automation: How To Create Flows

Email Automation: To execute good sales, it is necessary to think of efficient strategies that properly nurture leads, always considering where they are in the sales funnel.

With this, email automation promises to help sales performance by further strengthening customer relationships.

The AMA (American Marketing Association) defines consumer behavior as being based on perceptions and emotions that involve human relationships and that this is a determining factor for decision-making. Therefore, how the consumer feels about the service and the product may or may not generate a sale.

With this, it is essential to draw up plans involving potential customers so they can also do good word-of-mouth marketing about your company. But for that to happen, you need to use the tools in your favor and gain the customer’s trust.

What Is Sales Automation?

The traditional way of selling is already known: some offer a product, and another interested parties make the purchase. But with the possibility of maximizing the number of consumers, it grows absurdly when you automate processes.

Several steps within sales performance can be automated, including email automation. As performed by the newsletter calendar or email marketing, the email flow allows interested parties to be contacted through a list of prospects and then fed with material about their business.

The most exciting thing about this practice is that it allows your prospect to learn about your company’s news and be educated about your business solutions via email. Automation enables the same content to reach dozens of people with just a few clicks, and these people are the ones who showed interest by filling out the email form.

But how to create a relationship with leads through the flow of emails? Through personalization and segmentation of your audience.

Email Automation Makes Sales Predictability Easier

Email automation is a very efficient tool to bring potential customers closer to your solution, as previously mentioned. But, to achieve this, it is necessary to prepare in principle to define the people who would identify with your persona and the company.

Know Your Lead

By defining who your company’s personas and values ​​are, it will be easier to segment your email list contacts. For this, placing the fill-in link in specific and strategic areas, whether on your company’s website, on social networks, or in an advertisement, is necessary.

Use A Strategic Email Structure

It is understood that the lead that signed up somehow identified with the pain presented and with the solution, so it is essential to send the first introduction email: Hello, [name], how are you? You subscribed to receive our exclusive content about x product, and here you can find solutions for z, y. Interested? Contact us (link to chat, main page).

Let’s break down the main elements of the example:

  • Salutation – It is of paramount importance to direct to who is speaking. In automation, to guarantee personalization, the name of the person or company is good to be included;
  • You signed up […] – The language is an approximation to facilitate dialogue and build trust with the lead;
  • Here you can find solutions – A way to present your company’s blog content, rich material, news, and backstage of the business.
  • Contact us – CTA for contact can lead to contact with a specialist or salesperson; it depends on the strategy.

Segment The Email List

Segmentation is beneficial and agile when automating emails. This separation serves so that each contact receives the correct treatment within the sales funnel so that everyone has the ideal material and is nurtured according to their interest in the solution.

It is also interesting for other teams, mainly commercial and sales, to draw some conclusions from this list based on monitoring these emails.

Yes, emails need to be monitored so that the seller knows who clicked on the CTA; that is, the possibility of this lead being closer to converting is more significant or not. In any case, it is also necessary to know the history of these consumers’ interactions to know which actions have already been taken and which objections have been overcome so that the sales team increasingly has a more effective performance and conversions.

With this, email automation realizes the desire of consumers to be closer to the companies they buy from, and also, for the latter, helps to create a more intimate relationship between their customers.

It is possible with this tool: 1-) offer valuable material to your customers and leads; 2-) notify the contact list about new services and products; 3-) strengthen even more the trust of customers to check their needs and receive feedback.

Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to invest in email automation to ensure an even more successful sales performance.

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