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Digital Tools: How Content Enablement Can Make Work Easier

Digital Tools: Tools, data and business documents define the digital workplace how employees can stay on top of important content, with a content enablement platform. Which employee does not know the struggle with the tab chaos in the digital workplace? Whether digital tools, data or business documents: Employees can quickly lose track of meaningful content and brand elements.

The result: Errors can occur as a result of this digital overload. For example, outdated content such as logos, boilerplates or fonts is used in document creation, which can cause significant damage to a company’s brand identity and image.

Because in companies, the creation of offers for new customer acquisition, product presentations or appealing marketing materials is part of everyday work. If inconsistent or incorrect branding elements are used in these documents, it leaves the customer with a less than professional impression. Companies risk jeopardizing the painstakingly built brand reputation. A content enablement platform can therefore help with brand protection. Because it only provides employees with the latest brand content and guarantees high-quality and brand-compliant business documents with just a few clicks.

Digital Tools: New Requirements In The Workplace

Through annoying process breaks, storage chaos and tool overload can create inner unrest and disturb the workflow. More than a quarter of those surveyed in a recent study by Templafy say they are annoyed because the number of applications is harming their productivity. Up to 15 different digital tools are used every day. And almost half of the employees switch back and forth between them at least four to six times an hour. The supreme discipline is to filter desired information or files out of this jumble.

According to the study, employees invest four to six hours a week searching for relevant documents and content. Not everyone has the patience – or the time – for this. Instead, documents are often created in duplicate, or outdated content is used as a template. A vicious circle that ends in version chaos. The poor quality and consistency of the documents created can consequently also affect the brand image that has been painstakingly built.

Digital Tools Automatically Provide Brand Elements

Digital tools such as cloud-based content enablement solutions make the current company content available to employees at the precise moment it is created, directly in the applications they are already using, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace or Salesforce. For example, a newsletter can be provided with predefined brand elements, such as text and image elements, with just a few clicks, or a legally secure and brand-compliant draft contract can be created.

Content owners ensure that the content provided is correct. They update the respective content, such as product images or descriptions, and automatically make them available to all relevant teams with a mouse click. According to a recent Forrester study, the automated and optimized document creation process saves companies up to 32 per cent in resource costs. Consequential errors and risks can be avoided, and the production of high-quality business documents can be guaranteed.

Brand Protection When Working With External Partners

Especially when working with external partners, such as advertising agencies or other service providers, it is a challenge for companies to make all the required content available in a straightforward manner. The current files often have to be fished out of the storage chaos and put together or shared with external partner companies in the form of branding guidelines. 

These circumstances can be avoided with the help of a content enablement platform. The document templates and corporate content inventory such as logos, boilerplates, and fonts are managed centrally. And is therefore limited to the latest versions. This also simplifies the approval process. Because you can be sure that only the approved elements will continue to be used. The risk of brand damage is significantly lower with centrally managed brand content using digital tools than if they have to be accessed individually, checked for topicality and shared.

Automated Creation Of Documents

The automated and optimized document creation offers numerous advantages, especially in hybrid everyday work. Digital tools enable the immediate provision of up-to-date brand content, which would otherwise have to be searched for in tedious research and checked for brand and compliance conformity. And that not only saves valuable time and energy. The use of outdated brand content, for example, by external partner companies of the company, is avoided, and a uniform and professional brand identity is guaranteed. Digital tools such as a content enablement platform streamline and improve document creation processes. Ultimately, they have a positive effect on business success.

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