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Why Website Construction Kits Are Also Interesting For Companies

Modular systems for website Construction often have a bad reputation: they are inflexible, have poor handling and have no modern design. But now, there are alternatives to WordPress, Typo3 and Co., with which you can bring your company online quickly, easily, modernly and without coding.

Designing your website using drag & drop has become common practice for many users. For the self-employed, freelancers or small companies, CMS and blog systems such as Typo3, Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress are the most popular options for starting your website.

However, many medium-sized companies are more demanding and require customizable features, more functionalities, and more complex UX elements. An alternative is modern, flexible and powerful website construction kits. Timo Heinrich from the dorado group is convinced that a lot has happened here in recent times.

Website Construction: Interview With Timo Heinrich – Head Of Performance Marketing Of The Dorado Group

Timo Heinrich has been working in the online business for over two decades. He is the “Head of Performance Marketing” of the dorado group and optimizes the dorado group’s brands together with his online marketing team.

He has followed closely how modular systems have developed and explains in an interview how companies today implement their functional websites with an attractive design.

Many Successful Companies Relied On Website Builders A Long Time Ago

In the beginning, these systems were quite manageable: the results were not professional, both technically and visually. The code quality was horrible, the design options were poor, and the usability of the editors was not good.

Due to technical progress and developments on the web, such as HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript frameworks and faster data transmission, online editors and applications are constantly evolving and becoming more powerful.

Also: 20 years ago, no one could have guessed that you could use a word processing program in the browser, including all of its many functions. We’ve all gotten used to doing this on the web and in the browser by now. At the same time, the need for medium-sized companies for websites and the desire for additional applications such as online shops was also increasing.

To put it bluntly, almost every industry and every business need websites. But not everyone can afford an agency that implements a professional website appearance. Modern website construction kits are therefore an excellent alternative. Even web agencies are convinced of the quality of these systems and benefit from many new creative possibilities.

Website builder designs used to be relatively inflexible and not very attractive. Today, the complete freedom of design is exploited. And in our modular system, users can even use an empty template and integrate their CSS and HTML codes.

What do you think of the former blog system WordPress, which now also goes through as a CMS? The advantages are considerable:

  • Depending on the theme, you have high-speed websites.
  • You can adapt a blank piece to your design ideas.
  • You can also implement a simple SSL and useful plugins.

Everything Speaks For WordPress. Or Not?

As you imply, WordPress is first and foremost a blog system and not a content management system. But of course, you can use it to design attractive websites and even online shops.

However, the hurdles to start are relatively high, especially for beginners. In addition to an attractive design, the user must also keep all WordPress versions, themes, patches and plugins up to date. And sometimes, these components don’t harmonize as smoothly as they used to.

The hosting issue is: Which host is best for my website project, and how do I set up an SSL certificate? An average user who does not have previous knowledge cannot quickly answer all these questions. In our experience, customers are happy when setup is easy, and results can be seen quickly.

WordPress Can Be Expanded And Drilled Out With A Plethora Of Free But Paid Plugins

Our latest function is the WhatsApp function: Here, the user can integrate a WhatsApp dialogue into his website with a click of his mobile number.

Visitors can then click on the WhatsApp icon on their smartphone and easily send a message to the site operator. Also, our system has built-in marketing features like a simple “if-then” query. For example, this can be: “If a smartphone user visits my website and is within a radius of 10 kilometres, show them a pop-up with a voucher.”

Statistics functions have been added. Site operators receive a comprehensible visitor evaluation with just a few clicks. Also integrated are Google Ads Conversion Codes: a feature we’re very proud of as not all website builders offer it.

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