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Everything About iPhone 11 Insurance

All fans of the Apple brand hold their iPhones like the apple of their eye. And rightly so! The performance of these high-end smartphones, such as the iPhone 11, is impressive. Nothing is surprising, therefore, in insuring these technological jewels with advantageous guarantees. How to find the best insurance for iPhone 11? Decryption.

Criteria To Take Into Account Before Insuring Your iPhone 11

Have you just fallen for the iPhone 11, and are you considering taking out mobile insurance to protect it? Excellent initiative: this cover is ideal for taking full advantage of your new, state-of-the-art smartphone. But you still need to know how to find the right one to meet your expectations and guarantee sufficient protection. Indeed, finding and leveraging the diversity of offers can be challenging. 

So, take the time to carefully read the general conditions of the contract before making your choice. Here are four essential points to study carefully.

The Guarantees Offered: In Which Cases Is Your iPhone 11 Covered?

This is the first thing to consider before purchasing your iPhone 11 insurance. What does your insurance cover? Depending on the level of coverage chosen, two central guarantees may appear in the contract: 

– Material damage guarantee: it protects the mobile phone against the risk of accidental breakage. For it to work, the material damage must be visible (external), non-aesthetic (i.e., it prevents the device’s proper functioning), and result from an unintentional incident.

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– Theft guarantee covers the replacement or compensation of the stolen iPhone. Most of the time, only burglary or theft falls within the scope of this guarantee. 

The more extensive the guarantees, the higher the insurance price. 

Warranty Exclusions: In Which Cases Is Your iPhone 11 Not Covered?

There are always exclusions of guarantees in an insurance contract. These are specific situations for which the warranties do not apply. Therefore, it is imperative to read it to know in what circumstances your precious iPhone 11 will or will not be safe. 

The most common exclusions concern loss of the mobile, breakdown without apparent damage, scratches on the screen and deliberate damage to the device. 

Good To Know 

Breakdowns and malfunctions are not guaranteed by mobile insurance. This is, for example, the case of a problem linked to the iOS 14 update or a battery failure of your iPhone 11 due to a manufacturing defect. However, you can turn to legal guarantees or Apple’s contractual warranty (not to be confused with AppleCare+, a paid product). 

Compensation Ceilings: What Is The Level Of Compensation?

Reimbursement for a stolen phone or covering repair costs is rarely unlimited. Indeed, reading the insurance contract for the iPhone 11 will inform you about the maximum amounts you can claim in case of a claim. 

Here again, the higher these ceilings, the higher your contribution. Limits are generally proportional to the value of the phone with many insurers. The monthly bill can, therefore, quickly climb for a high-end smartphone like the iPhone 11.

Note that a coefficient of obsolescence (a percentage corresponding to the loss of value of your smartphone over time) usually applies to the purchase price of the insured device. Furthermore, be sure to check the number of claims compensated per year.

Deductibles: What Is The Remainder Payable?

The last essential point to check is the amount remaining payable by you after insurance intervention. Whether a lump sum or a percentage, this money is usually deducted from repairing, replacing or refunding your iPhone 11.

Deductibles can be variable or common to all claims. 

Finally, remember to consult information such as waiting periods and declaration of claims, the commitment duration, or even the geographical extent of coverage.

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