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Netbook, Laptop or Notebook? Differences Between Them

At least once in your life, you have likely asked yourself the question: Netbook, laptop or notebook? The models are similar, with almost imperceptible differences in the eyes of the public, with no technical knowledge about the devices of the genre.

There are several myths in the industry. For example, you might think that all these choices are perfect for those who primarily want something portable – a mistaken thought since the netbook, although cheaper, is the best to put in the backpack because it has fewer internal components sensitive to impacts and is still Lighter than notebooks.

Below, you will find out about the meanings of the models, the differences between the versions and other valuable data to help you make the best decision when shopping.

What Is A Netbook?

These computers are cheap, light and portable, simple to take to different places without any hindrance. Several companies deliver these products to their employees working away from the office for many hours, as the battery can last long.

This option is also popular among students who need to take notes in class or who take online courses.

Power is one of the disadvantages of netbooks; you can use a maximum of two programs simultaneously if you want a system without crashes or slowdowns. It is an excellent option for anyone looking for simple solutions to query the internet, edit texts or read e-books.

Interestingly, the product does not have an extensive storage capacity, a problem that can be solved using resources such as a pen drive, external HD or cloud storage.

Unlike notebooks, netbooks don’t have inputs for a CD/DVD player or recorder, given that production is designed to have as few resources as possible to be light and functional.

You even have more to gain from listening to music on other devices while working on the netbook, as it is inadvisable to carry out multiple simultaneous functions on such devices.

Generally, the models’ weight is 1 kilo or a little more, something lighter in lightness when considering notebooks, which typically weigh 3 to 6 kilos.

Because they have fewer dedicated processors and other components, Netbooks need less energy to operate (generating longer battery life), even reducing the chances of the device overheating after a certain period of use.

Laptop Or Notebook?

Attention: Laptop and notebook are terms to define the same type of device, although sellers may use one or the other name depending on their own preferences and marketing strategies.

Although it is a product that weighs down your backpack, there is no better choice in terms of performance among portable computers. The operational effectiveness is such that several companies have notebooks as fixed models in the office to replace PCs that take up much more space.

It is the choice you need to work with different applications, an advantage known as multitasking capacity, and ample HD space to store data of the most diverse types.

Netbook, laptop or notebook? Understanding the differences, which is the best for your company’s employees?

In more advanced configurations of video cards, processors and RAM, it is possible to work with video editions, play progressive games in Flash or perform complex services in 3D programs requiring advanced graphics capability.

In operational terms, the flexible character allows you to listen to music, watch content and perform other activities simultaneously without the machine becoming slow or crashing.

However, after a few years of use, if there is no preventive maintenance, the machine may present problems in the execution of several applications in the same service.

One of the positive points for those looking for versions for companies is the vast presence of established brands that manufacture several corporate laptops. Some examples are HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Compaq and Apple.

What Are The Differences Between A Netbook, Laptop or Notebook?

For you to better remember the information you just learned about these devices, take a look at the following table: Netbook Laptop or notebook Constitution one kilo Can go up to 6 kilos Effectiveness 1GB8GB or more Battery life 6 hours or more4 hours or a little more Capacity graphics Low Superior Multitasking Crashes or slows down with many programs open simultaneously work with several available and simultaneous programs efficiently Storage capacity Little HD space Plenty of HD space Players No Yes Energy saving Components consume less energy components consume more energy Size Smaller Bigger Ports Fewer USB ports More USB ports Portability More Less.

Why Buy The Used Versions?

It is recommended to purchase used products to save money when buying a quality netbook, laptop or notebook. Did you know it is possible to get powerful models at the prices of new, less dedicated versions? Do not buy from buyers who sell on sites deemed unsafe by excessive scams and piracy.

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