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Network Server: What Are Its Myths And Truths?

When considering the different types of network servers on the market, it is common for company administrators to think about some myths about the subject.

Which consequently makes some businesses fail to take advantage of the advantages that only this technological resource can offer.

Next, we selected some information about network servers. Follow along and discover what myth is and what is true about the subject. You will likely be surprised by the truths revealed on the subject!

Will My Company Ever Need The Network Server?

In companies still prefer to connect machines in a P2P (point-to-point) network instead of investing in the server.

However, sooner or later, given the accumulation of data and the urgency of working with information exchange quickly, the need to use network servers is inevitable.

Several micro-entrepreneurs choose to invest in network servers to get ahead of the curve to avoid crises and optimize the technological conditions of the business, creating the basis for sustainable growth in operational activities.

Do Servers Cost A Lot?

No. Perhaps this is one of the central myths. The advantage of the free market is that suppliers compete with each other, which gradually lowers the price charged for quality devices.

There are network server versions for small businesses that cost less than popular retail-level computer models, although the PC is an essential device for keeping business operations running smoothly.

Operational agility, more operational reliability and low energy consumption are points that, in practice, guarantee a quick return on the money invested in the network server.

The current market is favorable, to the point where some offer grants up to a 1-year warranty for parts or maintenance coverage, which can assist companies within 24 hours or less after the request.

Is A Server A Compelling Resource For My Business?

No, because there are different types. It is not difficult to find network servers developed in modular mode. Such hardware is designed to serve small companies and, at the same time, be expandable as the business grows.

In this sense, as the company needs to perform more data work to continue growth, you can expand the servers’ disk space or memory capacity.

The various offer options available among different devices make choosing a solution with on-demand services in attributes such as security, performance, or availability possible.

Do I Need A Lot Of Space To Install The Server?

It depends. Each type of company has a network server, including physical space availability. Since the beginning of the internet, there has been a myth that a small office cannot have servers because they are spacious and require a particular room equipped with air conditioning, a single electrical network and a raised floor.

This thought of exorbitant expenses with space or money was valid in the past. However, currently, the technology in the sector is advanced to the point where you can install a network server in any minimal space on the desktop, in a corner close to the network cable and the socket.

Are Network Servers Noisy?

No. Today, most servers work without generating any kind of noise that could disrupt the concentration of employees working in the office. In practice, no one notices the presence of the hardware, either because of its small size or because it works silently.

Is It Challenging To Administer The Servers?

The network server is a technological resource that small and large companies can use. No. A room with 20 different computers with dissimilar operating systems that need updating is more work than a network server.

To update each of the machines, it will be necessary to spend a lot of time working, certainly something more difficult and time-consuming than using servers that can update all the notebooks in the network at once.

You may even have one or another difficulty in initially configuring the servers on the network. Still, the problem is not at all impossible to solve with the suppliers’ service center or in the most diverse free forums available on the internet.

In general, the software with the server for managing the data is easy, just like how you organize your folders in Windows Explorer. Those who know the least about computers rarely have problems collecting data on servers.

Can Servers Reduce Costs?

In the medium and long term, yes. Over time, it is possible to notice the cost reduction provided by servers, whether due to savings in working time or effective computerization, which allows various activities to be carried out in an automated way.

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