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Learn What Data Governance Is And Its Corporate Importance

Data Governance: According to research by the Harvard Business Review, less than 5% of global companies achieve satisfactory results in managing their digital information.

Most corporations do not have modern and practical plans in terms of data governance and, therefore, fail to enjoy many benefits.

Your small, medium or large enterprise can also develop informative data and employee management governance if you value the suggestions we separate below.

What Is Data Governance, And Why Is It Essential In Companies?

But, after all, what is data governance? It is the centralization of digital information using human resources, technology, production processes and corporate policies. Thanks to qualified data management, an administrator can devise strategies to make the best decisions.

How To Implement An Effective Data Governance Plan?

Several management activities are facilitated with data governance, and one of its methodologies is often applied without even being noticed. For example, when using an HR technology solution to take control of business resources. Technologies may or may not work automatically to compile information or perform various types of informational analysis.

However, in addition to technology, a professionally prepared team is needed. Below are six steps to implement an efficient management plan:

1: Creation Of A Specialized Council

A council must comprise members with sufficient knowledge of the company’s segment and technologies related to the production process, helping each employee follow the established policy.

In many US companies, directors must communicate with the responsible board, which is accountable for data governance to investors and business owners.

2: Company Self-Assessment

With the operational staff’s help, board members should conduct a performance review of the current data management. This information is essential for knowing what is positive or negative and working on corrections that bring critical efficiency to the business’s health.

3: Outlining The Ideal Strategy

First, you need to establish the new performance metrics. Next, program strategies for data management to achieve the previously set goals. Remember, to work, your plan must necessarily contain:

  • Mission defined;
  • Precise specifications of the roles to be performed within the team;
  • Metric expectations;
  • Identification of analysis objectives;
  • Main challenges;
  • Definitions of permitted and accessible technologies ;
  • Data security conducts to be respected

4: Definition Of The SLA

Success in the corporate world is closely linked with the chosen data governance strategy. In the SLA (Service Level Agreement), you explain all the goals and ways to achieve the objectives so that customers or investors know everything they can expect with a specific contract, including the data governance plans.

As described in ABNT NBR ISO-IEC 20000-1, in addition to the definitions of services in the SLA, points such as technical support, privacy policies, deadlines and terms of commitment must also be informed.

5: Efficient Information Management

With the data governance plan specified in the most minor details, it’s time to put it into practice!

Those responsible for the analysis must use programs to collect data, organize information, manage content and guide employees to follow processes to facilitate the administration and the transfer of information.

6: Monitoring The Results

By using specific technologies, monitoring content in manual or automatic mode is possible. Establish an advanced analysis period that can vary daily, weekly and monthly.

Keep your eyes open to identify and anticipate problems likely to interrupt the productive goal. If necessary, provide feedback.

Emphasis On Data Security

Efficient management depends on data security. Customers are satisfied when the company guarantees the defense of information, and, in addition, strategic business content is less likely to be leaked to competitors.

The technological structure of the business must guarantee aspects such as privacy, confidentiality and appropriate access to authorized persons. Otherwise, data management can become a disaster.

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