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How To Start Application Development?

Present in everyone’s daily lives, whether it’s time to send a message or order dinner, the application development industry, which already moves more than 100 trillion dollars, is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

With the popularization of smartphones and the increased number of internet users, applications are becoming increasingly essential in people’s lives. Try to imagine what your life would be like without using any apps. Difficult, right?

Although these programs often seem to appear magically, that’s not quite how it works. Millions of people are hard at work developing apps to make this happen.

With the possibility of turning dreams into reality, being the product of several disruptive companies, application development allows companies and developers to reach levels previously unimaginable.

What Is An App?

Most people already have an at least intuitive notion of what an application is. After all, have you hardly ever used WhatsApp or Instagram?

An application is nothing more than a program (or software ) that runs on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets or devices such as Smart TVs.

Therefore, application development is essentially a programming activity and involves several distinct steps and challenges ranging from the back end to the user experience (UX).

The back end is part of the code that performs the internal processes, that is, the functions that are accessed from the interface (which is the front end), which is why it receives this name (because it takes care of the “back end” of our application).

From the basic functionalities, such as ensuring that when you click on a specific button, the action that occurs is as expected, to the integration of databases and cybersecurity, the back end is the foundation of any application.

Furthermore, currently, more is needed for an application to be functional; it needs to please the user with a good design and usability (after all, new apps are launched every day, and to stand out, you need a differentiator).

In this sense, an excellent front end is about an aesthetically pleasing look and functionality. A focus on the user experience, or User Experience (UX), ensures that whoever uses the application feels entirely satisfied with the product.

How To Develop An Application?

Now that you understand what an application is, how can we develop one? The walkthrough involves many different areas, and completing each step can help create a successful app.

So, check out the process for app development below :


As in any project, this step, which is often underestimated, is essential to guide the entire story of the application and ensure that it is efficient.

Therefore, it is necessary to define the idea well so that the following steps are clear and straightforward, which can cause unnecessary spending of time and budget, and may even make the application unfeasible.

Then check out a possible checklist of what should be established before actually starting the development of the application (all these points are not shown as rules, but as a guide that can be changed as necessary):

  • What is your main goal for creating an app?
  • What will your target audience be?
  • What operating systems will it be built for?
  • What does the application need to work (servers, databases, etc.)?

With all that defined, your app development should proceed much more fluidly.

Define The Teams 

Establish who will be responsible for which part of the application’s development (this process is much simpler when each piece has already been well defined in the previous step).

It is possible, but difficult, to do everything alone, but in general, the ideal is to divide into at least two teams (which have their internal sub-divisions): back end and front end.

Application Development

At this stage, the programming begins. With well-structured planning, the most significant difficulties here are usually technical.

How your application can be programmed depends on the project specifications (Android and IOS have different languages ​​for creating a native application), in addition to the chosen option regarding software and frameworks.

Application Launch

Finally, it remains to establish where the application will be launched and disseminated. In developing a mobile application, the most common thing is for the app to be published on the App Store or Play Store and publicized through social networks and advertisements.

In both stores, the publications are free. However, it is necessary to have a paid subscription as a developer account.

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