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Improve The Development Of Your Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing: A team’s performance depends on several factors, such as motivation, a pleasant work environment, well-defined functions, adequate training, and many others.

It is the role of a company’s management to notice moments of falling productivity and assess the reason, acting proactively to improve the performance of the professionals who work there.

In the area of ​​digital marketing, this concern must be constant as it is an area of ​​many changes that require significant updating and agility in addition to the high demand for work, which generates a lot of overtime and can lead professionals to high stress.

To avoid situations like these and keep your digital marketing team at full steam, you need to take some precautions, like the ones we are going to list now. So keep following!

Share Knowledge

A team that cannot share knowledge has a serious relationship problem. Teams must work in synergy, and for this, the exchange of knowledge and experiences must occur naturally. Promote integration among your team through joint activities, training and leisure time that includes all co-workers.

Use Internal Communication

Do you want to help spread knowledge in your company? Use internal communication: a wall newspaper, a newsletter, the intranet or email. Every communication channel is excellent for you to share knowledge and experiences. Encourage everyone to do the same, but in an orderly manner and under the guidance of the person responsible for company communications.

Create Internal Workshops

A team member can prepare a workshop to train others on a topic within their speciality or to transmit the content of external training. Taking advantage of the expertise of the people who work in the company is a way of valuing them and also reducing training costs.

Create Opportunities For Interaction

Formal meetings are generally not very productive, as everyone is there obliged and thinking about the thousand and one tasks waiting on the table. Create informal opportunities for interaction, such as collective breakfasts, afternoon breaks or even a happy hour after work. It is in these moments that great ideas emerge and can be put to good use the next day.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

There are countless technological resources to optimize time, list tasks, create projects together, chat remotely, etc. Take advantage of all this to keep your team focused on work without the need to be present in the company.

Provide A Good Working Environment

Creating a good working climate is more complicated than it seems. Still, little by little, it is possible to change some concepts and taboos and make the work environment lighter, removing dividers, letting people interact and being more flexible in relation to schedules. Companies that work on projects are experts in doing this, as they have very peculiar characteristics. Taking inspiration from them is an excellent way to change your work environment.

Create A Portfolio Of Lessons Learned

More than analyzing results, build solid knowledge about your digital marketing work, listing mistakes and successes and recording them so that they serve as inspiration for other moments. From mistakes, we learn the paths we should not follow, and we follow the right path.

Different View

Another aspect of Digital Marketing is the exploration of social networks through segmentation based on preferences in targeted advertisements.

Both content marketing and segmentation marketing on social networks are disciplines of the same Digital Marketing, which aims to generate what is called in this environment “leads”. But, after all, what are these “white flies” in the sales scenario? These are people who represent the potential to buy products or services that you advertised.

Marketing and sales have always had their disagreements, but in this new era, they can no longer afford not to integrate, as can the technology applications that support these activities. Companies have never depended so much on these people and technology to grow. It’s time to build integrated strategies, and there are no longer technology barriers to doing so.

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