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LimeTorrents Proxy | Unblock Mirror Sites List 100% Working & 12 Best Alternatives

LimeTorrents is a proxy torrent site well known for movies, T.V. shows, software applications, games, animation movies, and other media types. Whatever content you want to watch or download, you can find them by searching with the help of a search box, which is present on the top of the home page with advanced features, and you can download the latest torrent categories.

The main feature that LimeTorrents has is it provides its customers the ability to access the legal and adult torrent files. This illegal torrent website began in 2016 when the kickass torrent was banned when the owners of the website got arrested because of hosting illegal files and sharing them.

A few days later, the most popular websites like extra torrent and torrents were also shut by the government. In this process, LimeTorrents is one of the websites affected badly. LimeTorrents was a moving website with trendy content on it. But after the demise of Kickass Torrents and other websites, it has got new active users, and like that, the website managed to stay active for a few months.

And later LimeTorrents website faced the same as kickass and other websites. It is a waste of time if you are looking for adult theme torrent downloads because searching for adult torrent files was completely prohibited on the LimeTorrents website. Searching, watching, and downloading the content from torrent files is free. So, keeping this in mind, if you want to download adult-themed torrent downloads, better stay away from this.

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Some Of The Official And Unofficial Proxy URLs For LimeTorrents Website

In this article, you will be elaborately knowing about LimeTorrents official sites, alternatives, unofficial proxy links, etc.; let us see official proxy URLS.

Official proxy URL:

  • https://www.limetorrents.zone
  • https://www.limetorrents.co
  • https://www.limetorrents.asia
  • https://www.limetorrents.com

Unofficial proxy URL:

  • https://www.limetorrents.unblocked.gdn
  • https://limetorrents.unblockall.org
  • https://limetorrents.in
  • https://lime1unblocked.lol
  • https://lime1unblocked.in
  • https://lime1unblocked.wtf

Alternatives To Download Freely From LimeTorrents Website

People are talking about the significant drawback of the LimeTorrents website: the website is missing stability nowadays. Because of this drawback, many users are desperately moving to alternatives that work like LimeTorrents very effectively.

And if you are also searching for the best alternative to LimeTorrents, you have come to the right place where you will get the best alternatives to LimeTorrents website. The alternatives discussed below work more efficiently than the LimeTorrents website.

Let’s go into the information about all of them in detail.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is called one of the best alternatives to the LimeTorrents website. The Pirate Bay doesn’t need any introduction because it is a leading torrent website in today’s Internet world. The Pirate Bay can be called one of the most stable sites like LimeTorrents in the offline business.

Users will be satisfied with their wish to watch movies, T.V. shows, software, games, new music, and much more on the Pirate Bay website. Because of these features, The Pirate Bay website has become the most famous website of the alternative to LimeTorrents.

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If you are a good movie lover and are searching for a huge collection of torrents, then 1337x might be the best choice because 1337x torrent consists of a huge database of software applications, music, movies, games, T.V. shows, web series, etc.,

Above all this, the website possesses a user-friendly interface that gives a good experience of downloading or watching the content from the 1337x proxy website. So, 1337x is also one of the best alternatives to LimeTorrents.

Torrent King

If you are eagerly searching for the latest release movies, the Torrent King Torrent website provides all recent stuff like the latest movies, recent games, short films, web series, and T.V. shows of your best choice. Torrent king is one of the best highly recommended websites to users as an alternative to the LimeTorrents website.

This can be preferable to anybody, and the user can enjoy every content of the website and also it has a good talk as the best alternative to LimeTorrents website.


IsoHunt is the best Torrent website of other torrent websites and has millions of hits every day. The website can be handled very easily by anybody because of its simple features.

The main reason is IsoHunt has more than 10 million torrents to offer its audiences. The user can identify all his desires from this website, and it is also called one of the best alternatives to the LimeTorrents website.


Zooqle is also a well-known and popular Torrent website consisting of a huge torrent content database. The website offers the latest content, which gives satisfaction to the user with the numerous latest movies, T.V. shows, web series, games, and much more.

Google also has a user interface that helps the user find out the content very easily compared with the rest of the torrent websites.

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This is the oldest Torrent website, with more than 8 million Torrents at present. It has some legal issues, and also frequently, it goes offline. Demonoid also covers various Torrent categories like movies, games, software applications including books, and much more.

Sky Torrents

Sky torrents are one of the user’s most desirable Torrent websites because of advertisements-free websites. It also covers many categories on its site like movies, T.V. shows, games, software applications, web series, etc.; the owners themselves will publish every file by thorough verification manually.


EZTV is the best choice for the user, which offers video content. People can enjoy everyday content like movies, T.V. shows, YouTube videos, web series, and many more on this website. This website is also having the craze of millions of hits. It can be said that it is the best Torrent website to visit.


This is also one of the alternatives for the LimeTorrents website for downloading the video content. The user can easily download the content from the website, which of the latest releases like movies, T.V. shows, web series, T.V. series games, etc. The main feature is that it contains newly added and very popular Torrent content on its homepage.


It is a well-known website for newly released software, games, movies, eBooks, music, etc. It was started in 2004 and was managed by the website team worldwide.


This website has the most noticeable feature of the user interface website. The user can find numerous content categories like games, music, movie, software, T.V. shows, web series, etc.; this website is also called one of the most recommended websites and best alternative to LimeTorrents website.


Torlock is the most significant website containing verified torrent files and is a highly recommended website to others. The website consists of high-quality torrents for its users, and not only that, the files will be verified before publishing.

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Final Words

At last, we conclude that all the mentioned above websites are the best suitable alternative websites to LimeTorrents website. When LimeTorrents website gets down, the user can visit the alternative without any objection. We do not encourage torrent websites but be careful while using torrent websites.

Because they may cause damage to your website, and your personal information can be hacked. We hope the list provided in the above article will be helpful to you. So, by using the proxy alternative sir to LimeTorrents a website, you can trustworthily enjoy the content from the proxy sites. As already said, be careful while using torrent websites.

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