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1337x Proxy | Here Are The List Of 100% Working Proxy & Mirror Sites & Best Alternatives

1337x proxy had global visitors sharing the content peer-to-peer. Mainly this Website is used for sharing files and downloading movies, games, music, software, eBooks, etc. It is also found as one of the most popular torrent websites with many users. Even though it is a popular website, it has been banned in many countries and most of the users are finding it difficult to download movies or TV shows for free of cost.

When the original website is blocked, the website owners will quickly switch to the proxy or mirror sites, and they put the standard data torrent files on the Website with the different domain names. It is already known that 1337x proxy is one of the best places for downloading movies, TV shows, web series, music, software applications, etc.,

This Website also has taken a blow by the government agencies and has been blocked in many countries by ISP in recognition of authorities along with India. Like other torrent websites like kickass torrents extra torrent site, the pirate bay is also taken by the government agencies and was blocked by the ISP.

The main working reason for the proxy sites is to decrease the limitation for the main areas. Most people love downloading new content from the internet, and they don’t look for a good website. This means they are searching for a website that gives them more attractive features like basically free of cost and good HD quality video.

But these proxy sites provide the users with good HD quality video and free of cost for downloading the video, which is not copyrighted content but pirated content. Here every user should not know that proxy sites work illegally and the content provided by the torrent websites is illegal content.

The proxy sites work by changing their IP address continuously without being tracked by the government and escaping from the geolocation. Every computer will have an IP address; IP stands for Internet Protocol. So, everyone should compulsorily download a good VPN service on their device to avoid risk.

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Distinctive Features Of 1337x Proxy

Like other torrent websites, 1337x proxy has distinctive features. The users are attracted to these features, and they have started using the Website continuously.

The following are the best features of the 1337x proxy torrent website.

  • The user need not subscribe to the Website for downloading or watching the content online.
  • 1337x simple to download or to search anything on the Website.
  • When compared to other websites, the advertisements in 1337x are less.
  • The content available on the Website is refurbished and well managed by the website owners.
  • The Website offers its users to watch or download the content in 45 different languages of their own choice.
  • The top three sites in the torrents field 1337x proxy are the most prominent and evolving sites.

Alternatives Of 1337x Proxy Website

  • The Pirate Bay
  • LimeTorrents
  • Extra Torrents
  • Kick-ass Torrents
  • YTS

These are some of the best alternatives of the 1337x proxy site; let us look into them one by one.

1. The Pirate Bay

Because of its best features, It became one of the most famous torrent websites. This Website helps to download files technology that is peer-to-peer. On this Website, it provides with many torrent files like audio, video, games, anime, applications, etc.,

Since long back, The Pirate Bay has been facing a ban, so it emerged into its proxy sites. The pirate Bay website is available on the internet in 40 different languages and worldwide in many countries; it has millions of users, and most countries have blocked this Website.

Some of the alternatives of the Pirate Bay website.

  • https://piratebay.live
  • https://tpb.party
  • https://piratebayblocked.com
  • https://thepiratebay.zone
  • https://www pirate proxy.space

2. LimeTorrents

Lime torrents website is also one of the vast databases containing Websites with new torrents constantly. It provides the whole family with entertainment, and it is easy to find the content of the user’s desired one for downloading or watching online.

It provides the best feature like before downloading the content; the user can see the details of the content and go for the downloading process. It also provides its users with a health meter to avoid unsafe content for downloading. Based on the above features, lime torrents are going very fast into the users, and it has also gained several users among the other torrent websites

Given below are the best alternatives for 1337x proxy.

  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.vet
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.cam
  • https://limetorrents.unblocked.pub
  • https://www.limetorrents.in
  • https://www.btdigg.in/limetorrents

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3. Extra Torrents

Extra torrents are the best user-friendly interface, and it has various categories of torrent files that emerged as one of the best sites. These are also called one of the best alternative options for 1337x proxy and Websites and became popular among other torrent websites.

4. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrent’s Website was banned by the government, even though it is emerging again and again with domain names and tolerating the government scrutiny. Kickass Torrents website had many other mirror and proxy sites as well.


RARBG has a sufficient number of torrents and has many mirrors and proxy sites available. All over the world, millions of users are retrieving the content from RARBG. There are some reliable alternatives for 1337x proxy regarding RARGB.

  • https://rarabgmirror.com
  • https://rarabgunblock.com
  • https://rarabg4to.unblocked.lol
  • https://rarabg.unblocked.bet
  • https://rarabg.unblocked.cool
  • https://rarabg.unblocked.xyz
  • https://rarabg.immunicity.host

6. YTS

This Website is mainly for downloading movies with easy accessibility with any bandwidth. One of the best alternatives to the 1337x torrent website can also be said. The following are related alternative websites for the 1337x torrent website.

  • yts.unblockit.ca
  • yts.ai
  • yts.pm
  • yts.free-mirror.fun
  • yts.unblocked.gdn
  • yts.unvlocked.to
  • yts.movies.net
  • yts.it
  • yts.subtitles.com

History Of 1337x Proxy Website

This is the most popular Website for downloading content free of cost, and it was established in 2018. This Website originated in 2007, but it has increased its popularity in 2016. If anyone searches in Google, it will show that the Website has been banned for so long.

The option of banning was started from there in 2015. The government is continuously taking charge of these torrent websites and the original websites’ domain links. 2016 in October 2016, the Website was born with new different functionalities to attract users.

Other countries also have banned 1337x.co website, but it has evolved its proxy sites for downloading the content and stretching its arms worldwide. So, please do not rely on such illegal torrent websites and don’t put yourself at risk.

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Better To Use A VPN With A 1337x Proxy

People who want to unblock any torrent website first have to use a good VPN service for it. And it is safe, so we recommend downloading a good VPN service on your device to unblock proxy sites like 1337x Proxy.

The work done by a VPN service hides your original IP address, and it helps save you from any potential risk and geolocation. Because all the torrent websites run their Website full of pirated content and through this illegal content, the user’s device may be in trouble with cyber hackers.

So moreover, the most crucial benefit of using a VPN service is you can secure your connection from any malware or cybercriminals.

2021 proxy list of 1337x torrent website

  • https://1337x.proxybit.me
  • https://1337x.mrunvlock.bar
  • https://1337x.unblockproject.top
  • https://1337x.unblocknow.surf
  • https://1337x.123unblock.world
  • https://1337x.torrentbay.to
  • https://1337x.proxybit.monster
  • https://1337x.unblockit.top

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions On 1337x proxy

1. How can I unblock the 1337x proxy site?

It is better to use a good VPN service and download it to your device. Unlocking 1337x proxy sites or their mirror is discussed in the above article.

2. Is it safe to download content from the 1337x proxy Website?

Unless you have a VPN service on your device, it is not safe because cybercriminals can hack your personal information.

3. How can I download movies from the 1337x site?

It is straightforward to download movies from 1337x simply by browsing the Website. You can follow the instructions given by the Website and download the content very quickly.

4. Will there be any government punishment for downloading pirated content?

Yes, of course, the government is taking severe punishments against individuals who are pirating the content from the copyrights and the person who is downloading the pirated content.

Let’s Conclude 1337x Proxy

Proxy sites are used when the original Website is banned or blocked. This 1337x proxy Website has succeeded in surviving online for 3 decades in different formats. It is continuously hiding from the government because the website owners are restricted from copyrighting the content and accessing the pirated or copyrighted content.

The government is tracking civil action against the individual who is copyrighting the content without the notice of the production team. Techno news feed is against piracy, and we are not encouraging such activities towards illegal content.

Because piracy is an act of crime and is considered a severe offense under the copyright act of 1957, the individual who performs this activity regarding piracy you’ll also be punishable according to the copyright act and can be punished severely. Sometimes he can be punished with a fine or sentenced to jail.

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