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Myths And Truths About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) can no longer be interpreted as something from another world. AI leverages human intelligence, allowing technology to be perceived as a partner of our abilities.

  1. In this sense, it brings numerous benefits, such as a reduction in operating costs;
  2. Increased automation;
  3. Agility;
  4. Security;
  5. Innovation;
  6. Efficiency.

Managers of areas not directly involved with IT or Digital find it challenging to think of AI solutions and projects due to a lack of knowledge. Or because they have access to underdeveloped technologies and also because they don’t have a strong development team. Thus, Artificial Intelligence can – and should – be used in various market sectors. 

Artificial Intelligence: How Does It Work?

Something about Artificial Intelligence is undeniable: few people know how accessible and effective it is and can be for business. Therefore, it is essential to understand that AI is a technological advance that allows different systems to simulate human-like intelligence. In other words, Artificial Intelligence makes systems learn, analyze and organize data to identify objects, people, patterns, and reactions. For this, it is necessary to have a robust supply of data to recognize the desired patterns.

In this way, we could identify Artificial Intelligence in cars, social networks, and even logistics sectors, where it is helpful to reduce costs with forecasts and behavioral guidance.

Optimizes: What is already known about the impacts of AI? Consultant: I see using Artificial Intelligence as a path of no return. It is known that organizations need more and more agility in decision-making and also increasingly optimize processes to become competitive. Human work will be one of the most affected, but this movement allows us to learn to explore more creative careers that develop skills to solve complex problems.

Artificial Intelligence And Marketing Go Together?

Most of the time, we associate Artificial Intelligence with very high-tech industries. However, it is even present in our work tools in marketing. The big question, therefore, is how we can use it. Optimizes: What is missing for marketing to use AI “optimally”? Consultant: One of the missing points for marketing is understanding how technology works. And this is not unique to marketing.

Managers of areas not directly involved with IT or Digital find it challenging to think of AI solutions and projects due to a lack of knowledge or even having access to poorly developed technologies due to not having a solid development team. Although we use solutions with a large volume of data and decision-making in Ads that already use these resources, a significant challenge after knowledge is to make AI proprietary within organizations, to enhance its use.

Do Only Experts Use AI?

Optimifies: How best to “think” AI? Need to know everything about technology? Gabriela: Firstly, the company must be data-driven, or, if not, prepare for it. By better understanding your data and your processes, it is possible, together with knowledge of technology, to immerse yourself in gaps where AI can act. The quality of an artificial intelligence model is directly linked to the amount of data we use to feed it.

In addition, it is essential to understand how security and privacy can impact the organization. It is necessary to understand how technologies work minimally but to have specialists and strong partners for project development on the team. Optimizes: Should a company that has low marketing maturity and digital reputation think about artificial intelligence? Where do you recommend starting? Gabriela: It is not recommended, as it cannot take full advantage of technology.

The beginning is to prepare the organization’s data, define the team that will lead the transformation in the processes, learn about the specificities of the technology and immerse yourself in the first projects to evaluate the results.

People And AI: Who Should Prepare For Artificial Intelligence?

Optimifies: Who should prepare for this use? Business marketing professionals, entrepreneurial agencies? Gabriela: Everyone should be prepared, from my point of view. Both the team that will execute the projects and the leaders. Only 1 in 10 companies are prepared to develop AI, and much is due to the mastery of knowledge of it and agility in deployment.

Optimistic: Why should these people prepare? Gabriela: According to the World Economic Forum, AI is one of the technologies that will most impact the workforce in the coming years, so leaders at all ends of the company must understand how it works.

People And AI: Who Should Prepare For Artificial Intelligence?

Optimistic: And who would like to study? What paths do you suggest? Consultant: It is essential here to have an agenda within the organization to study and apply what has been learned from the new technology. It is also worth mentioning that the leaders must be prepared to make AI-oriented decisions in addition to the teams that will execute the project.

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