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Social Networks As A Customer Relationship Channel

Investing in public relations should be part of the strategic planning of every business. Therefore, a well-structured customer relationship channel is essential for companies that want loyal customers and to promote their brands.

Using social networks as customer relationship channels is no longer an option.

Facebook Groups: The Customer Relationship Channel Chosen By Means

There are several environments within social networks for a brand to build its customer relationship channel.

All environments where a brand is present are potential customer relationship channels. After all, a Fan Page comprises followers who can also be customers. The same goes for followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

And there are also their channels, such as blogs, mailing lists, private chats, etc. However, we needed to create a unique channel. A controlled environment where we could be sure we were only talking to customers.

The idea was to deliver differentiated content that would increase our customers’ perception of the value of maps and have a closed place to understand these people’s needs, pains and expectations.

If you want to go deeper into the subject to decide where and how to create your customer relationship channel, see below our six tips to make the most of social networks to build positive relationships.

First Of All: Listen

People are increasingly willing to comment on a brand, and with social networks in their hands, a satisfied or dissatisfied customer can do this very easily and quickly. That’s why paying attention to what is said is so important.

What is the best way to know the public’s opinion? Asking! Take advantage of social networks to develop a  proactive customer relationship channel.

Make polls, ask for suggestions for improvements and even encourage people to talk about their experience with the product or brand.

Just remember also to monitor the mentions that are made about the brand. A customer only sometimes goes to the company or group page to leave a comment. With that in mind, be sure to keep track of mentions that are made through term tracking tools.

Reply To All Your Followers

A relationship is built from the dialogue. One party always speaks with the expectation that the other will respond.

This mindset should also be considered in the company’s and customers’ relationship. Whether in the feed, timeline or inbox, if a customer has left a message for the company, he is undoubtedly waiting for a response.

To manage inbox, direct and comment from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp simultaneously, use a  social media management tool and do everything in one place.

But beware, the sense of urgency warns: take a little time to respond to incredibly dissatisfied customers. Social networks are fast interaction environments. Respond ASAP.

Think Twice Before Deleting A Comment

The first thing we think of doing when we receive a negative comment or criticism is to delete it to not “smear” the company’s image and put the problem under the rug.

If you know of any brand that has never received a review or comment from an unsatisfied customer, please leave a comment at the end of this post so we can get in touch and learn more about this successful case.

But, the reality is that the world is not a sea of ​​​​flowers, and, unfortunately, companies often receive negative reviews and comments. As social networks are a customer relationship channel, it is essential to be aware of this type of comment and ALWAYS respond to everyone.

Unless you are dealing with a hater (who uses offenses, aggression, profanity and the like), respond with warmth and transparency. And, whenever appropriate, take the conversation to a private environment (such as inbox or direct).

Humanize Conversations

Brands have personalities, just like their customers. A social network is where companies can showcase their style and tone of voice to create connections. Customers want to avoid feeling like they are dealing with a cold and heartless company.

So, please give it a personal touch and show the brand’s human side. Choose channels like Instagram and LinkedIn and lead the team face. People love to know who is behind a brand! Take the opportunity to create your stories with this!

Use communication with a friendlier tone, and if you style the brand, use emojis, gifs, memes and humor. Also, join the conversation and engage in discussions that are interesting to customers.

Create Exclusive Groups For Customers

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Have exclusive perks and benefits? Everybody likes! Why not create communication channels for customers and make them feel like VIPs?

For example, Facebook and WhatsApp groups with personalized content broadcast life to customers, present first-hand news and answer questions are excellent for strengthening relationships.

In addition to being an excellent customer contact channel and facilitating the dissemination of brand content, the “select group” can also be an endless source of insights to improve products and services.

Strategically Bet On UGC

When we talk about building strong relationships, we always have to remember that there are two sides to the story: the company and the customer.

Indeed, companies will always seek to offer the best possible experience for the consumer. On the other hand, the consumer will provide a variety of information that can (and should) be used by the brand.

User-generated content, or UGC, should be used strategically. Imagine a customer’s satisfaction when seeing that content they created was shared on a brand’s social network, that their comment was used as a reference in a post, or that their publication was responded to with care, affection and respect.

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