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Synchronize Email Marketing And Social Media Strategies

Synchronize Email Marketing: Digital marketing is a set of strategies and activities for promoting a brand online, which works best when its channels are integrated.

The more they work together, the more optimized your results will be. Email marketing and social networks are part of these strategies, having a significant representation in digital marketing. Together, they can enhance the results of a business uniquely.

Email Marketing And Social Media: Why Sync?

Social networks, increasingly, have been standing out and becoming more relevant to internet users. This is due to several factors, including the rise of influencers, the growing number of users on each platform and the great potential to reach a more qualified audience. With all this, it is practically impossible nowadays to have a digital strategy for a business without using networks.

Synchronizing Social Media And Email Marketing

There are several ways to integrate the two channels; see below for some ways to combine them.

Unify Your Brand Concept Across Both Channels

It’s no secret that branding is essential. As with any channel, it’s important to unify your language. This is the same for email marketing and social media.

A user is impacted by many other daily communications on the most diverse platforms; using elements that highlight your brand is a differential, and keeping them in a single standard helps the public to identify it and understand the purpose of your communication.

That’s why to use intense colors and calls linked to the concept of your brand and insert the logo in the same way in both channels. That way, your brand will be perceived more professionally, accepted and exciting for the user.

Plan An Integrated Calendar

Before communicating on the air, having a clear plan with well-defined objectives and dates for each insertion is essential.

Digital marketing requires that the communication calendar be integrated, as many of its platforms generate different types of content, so it is important to plan them together.

For example, a blog generates an article or an ebook when thinking about content marketing. In social networks, posts are caused; in email marketing, informative newsletters are developed and delivered directly to the customer. In all existing channels, these types of materials and commercial advertisements for offers can be generated.

With the infinity of materials generated, if a timetable is established for inserting each content, some of them may be recovered or inserted in a context that does not make sense and thus lose the opportunity to be integrated.

For example, in your calendar, you programmed content on your blog about exercise tips to do at home, from which a post was unfolded for your social networks with a video on the subject and a link to your website.

After that, a newsletter was sent to its qualified base of email marketing contacts. In the end, a single content was a vital source of material for three different channels; content planning is necessary.

Leverage Data Generated By Each Platform And Apply Insights Across Both Channels

Both email marketing and social media can provide rich data. It is necessary to know how to interpret them and understand that using the insights from each channel is a smart way to integrate these two media.

Poll Data

Social networks provide rich data, which are traditionally used as metrics and leveraged to generate new posts, whether the acceptance given to content by likes, comments, shares or even responses to questionnaires.

The exciting thing about this information is that it generates intelligence that can cause performance in other channels, such as email marketing.

If, for example, a clothing store conducts a poll about the public’s preferred clothing colour for summer, and one of the options wins with many votes, why not send a special newsletter with clothes in the winning color?

It’s a more powerful way to take advantage of a post’s data and generate intelligence for your digital strategy.

Data For Remarketing

With email marketing and the ideal tool, it is possible to know who clicked on your campaigns, which product had the most significant interaction, for example, and many other types of data that can be explored.

Exporting the list of people who engaged with your email and using the information obtained about their product preferences, importing them with a remarketing campaign within social networks is a way to enhance the desired conversion for your campaigns.

Run Campaigns To Capture Leads On Social Networks And Start A Communication Rule via Email Marketing

Nowadays, social networks have campaign options to enrich the lead base. This type of campaign is an excellent opportunity to integrate email marketing and social media. With a lead giving their information, a communication rule can begin.

When you reach your lead’s inbox, start with a welcome campaign to your base and continue sending your brand content and promotions; after all, they are potential qualified customers.

Place Social Media Links In Your Newsletters

It seems like a small thing, but it makes all the difference! Placing buttons with links to social networks in newsletters are direct points of connection between the two channels, and having them at the bottom of the email is something practically expected by the recipient, as default by the brands does this, so it is important to remember to insert them in each sent shot.

Use The Best Tools To Manage Both Channels

Integrating the two channels is extremely important to generate results for a business, but for this to happen, management must be well-done.

For this to happen, it is essential to use adequate tools to help with management; they need to be intuitive, allowing the creation of campaigns and data analysis. There is a multitude of them; for email marketing, an example is Mailify, and within the world of social networks, maps are one of the platforms that play this role.


Synchronizing the two channels is inevitable for a business to perform well online, so using good practices and tools along these two channels is essential and leads to increasingly optimized results.

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