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How AR And AI Play Into Delivering a Personalized Shopping Experience

Online shopping and e-commerce have transformed retail and other industries in insurmountable ways, with a lot of changes evident in consumer behavior. The evolution of the customer and the availability of immense information means that the standards keep rising. Retailers have their matters complicated even further by the fact that supply is abundant.

Brands have no choice but to offer a wide range of incentives to their customers. A personalized experience ranks up there in the list of strategies that can help win over and retain customers today. Zolak helps put into practice the power of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized shopping experiences.

Let’s see how this works.

Understanding the Place of AR and AI in Shopping

AI and AR have opened up new horizons for retailers and shoppers. Whether online or offline, the shopping experience will never be the same again. Customers can now enjoy personalized interactions and smoother experiences thanks to the integration of AI, AR, and other technologies.

With the data gathered from sources such as IoT devices and social media, a business can use AI to gain insight that helps in enhancing the shopping experience. AI has been particularly effective in promoting conversation e-commerce.

Regarding AR, the impact on the shopping experience is equally monumental. Consumers can interact with the shop and its contents without actually being there. The AR app makes the shopping experience close to reality so that customers can make informed choices.

The following use cases show the transformative nature of AI and AR in the shopping experience.

1. Checking The Suitability Of A Product Before Buying

In this era, no product is too big or too small to shop for online. The visualization and experience enabled by AR and AI will answer most of the questions one may have about a product.

Customers can now shop online for things like a car, which naturally would require the buyer to visit the store physically. Personalized shopping is growing in popularity in the home improvement and decorating space. Who would have thought it would be possible to experience furniture in a particular space from the comfort of the living room? Thanks to computer vision or image tracking, this is happening.

For those looking for clothing and apparel, these technologies have got you sorted out. You can now fit eyeglasses, try makeup, and fit a watch, in what is referred to as contactless shopping.

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2. Stress-Free Shopping Process

There may be many tips and ideas about buying products online, but buyers still have challenges navigating the online platforms. Retailers are increasingly having to invest in audio recognition to stay competitive in a world where remembering passwords and typing search queries now seem like a hassle. Retailers can use AI models to identify particular words that prompt AR outcomes for personalized experiences at any step of the shopping journey.

Audio recognition tools are capable of offering the highest level of personalization because they can make informed guesses about various elements of the shopper – mood, gender, age, and so on. Retailers can tap into audio recognition to personalize the shopping experience, particularly by helping their customers use command and voice, as the Aisle411 has demonstrated.

The power of AI in enhancing customer shopping experience is also evident in how the accuracy of categorizing products online has improved in recent times. Image labeling can take customer experience to higher levels by making it effortless to identify products. It ensures that products have the right information so that customer searches are relevant.

3. Checking Out

When it comes to checking out, these technologies have been equally life-changing. Retailers who have capitalized on this AI and AR solution have witnessed the amazing transformation in the convenience and speed it offers to the customer. An excellent example is the Amazon Go shopping technology, whereby through object detection, it is possible to detect several elements regarding the item the customer places in the cart.


Since time immemorial, the ideal shopping experience has always been personalized. So, it isn’t surprising that even with the emergence of technology, that’s the direction the retail industry is taking. The best way to win a customer and cultivate loyalty is to identify their needs. Follow that with a customized and timely solution for the ultimate win. Only a business that appreciates this and uses AI and AR for personalized shopping can take customer interaction to the next level.

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