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How Can Artificial Intelligence Change People’s Lives?

By definition, artificial intelligence is the specific branch of computer science that aims to create, plan, elaborate, and put into operation devices that can simulate the human capacity to reason, perceive, learn, make decisions, and solve problems.

Simply put, that means creating machines and devices that are smart. Despite existing as a branch of science for over 60 years, it is only in the last two decades that advances in artificial intelligence have been significantly leveraged.

This significant advance was only possible thanks to the extremely rapid development of information technology and computing in the same period, which allowed new elements related to this technology to be quickly created and incorporated.

Although at the beginning of research on AI, the focus was only on developing a way to reproduce the human ability to think, with the improvement of methods, techniques, and knowledge, this area of ​​research has expanded.

Nowadays, there are already studies and research aimed at creating devices and machines that can feel, make, use language, and self-improvement. The reality portrayed by fiction films seems close to the truth.

The Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

As already mentioned, studies on AI began several years ago, in the mid-1940s, when even research on computers and their functionalities was still developing.

With the outbreak of World War II and the great interest of the powers in investing in the war industry and everything that could improve it, investments in developing new technologies increased significantly.

Ten years later, the term Artificial Intelligence is coined for the first time due to the development of the line of the biological study of AI. This branch of research had as its primary objective the elaboration of something that could mimic human neural networks and, with that, that would also be able to reason and carry out highly complex activities.

From then on, studies and investments in AI suffered a significant decline in the following decades, returning with everything, however, in the 90s, following the immense development of computing in the period. Since then, artificial intelligence has been increasingly present in our daily lives.

Games, computer programs, security applications for information systems, robotics, auxiliary robots in factories, handwriting and voice recognition devices, clinical and medical diagnostic programs…

All these tools and devices have artificial intelligence concepts being applied and used. The tendency is for this scenario to continue in a growing expansion, with artificial intelligence increasingly merged with human activities and work.

The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence For Society

A newly published report by a group of scientists at Stanford University has drawn a detailed picture of the impact of AI on our lives. The results of the study show that within 14 years (that is, by 2030), AI will be ubiquitous and incorporated into our everyday lives.

However, it is already possible to recognize some benefits of this type of technology today. AI’s presence is relatively easy to identify when talking about the entertainment field. Football games, in which each player has particular characteristics and is highly similar to “real” players, are a good example.

In addition, artificial intelligence is present even in details that we do not usually perceive as belonging to this type of technology — such as cameras capable of detecting the smile of the person being focused on and spelling correctors that identify semantic errors in sentences and suggest modifications.

However, AI goes beyond just providing people with good experiences and moments. As a more “applied” example aimed at improving the population’s quality of life, we can mention that some banks are already starting to introduce it to make life easier for their customers.

Big Data And Artificial Intelligence: Understand This Relationship

As you are probably already convinced, artificial intelligence is already a reality in many sectors of our daily lives — and the tendency is for its presence to be leveraged to extraordinary levels very shortly.

And as it should be, in the corporate world, the presence of AI can already be felt in several sectors. Its use combined with Big Data is already a reality in many large companies and is beginning to infiltrate smaller enterprises.

But how are Big Data and artificial intelligence related, and what benefits can this relationship bring to the business world? First, let’s clarify what Big Data is and how it is used today.

Big Data is an English expression widely used today to describe giant data sets that are difficult to be analyzed and processed by operating systems, databases, and “common” software.

It was only in recent years, with the significant development of technology, that processing information of this size at high speed was made possible. The data that makeup Big Data can come from different sources and be more or less structured.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a robust analysis system and the confluence of all variables relevant to a given objective. An excellent example of the use of Big Data for business purposes refers to a Danish company that was looking for the best place on the planet to install turbines to generate wind energy.

For this, petabytes of climate data collected worldwide were analyzed: weather conditions, wind speeds, changes in tidal levels, and deforestation maps, among others.


Artificial intelligence is a branch of science that, every day, is more present in our routine. As you can see throughout this post, this technology (which is constantly being improved) can be found in entertainment and relevant issues such as health and safety.

The possibilities for using AI are even more promising in the business world. With Big Data and other tools, methods, and analyses, it will be possible to create a style of management and business administration that we have never imagined.

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