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Programmatic Media: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Programmatic media is a model for buying advertising space on the internet automatically. Learn more about this tool.

First, we need to say that, like many market sectors, marketing has also evolved and incorporated various technologies into everyday life. One is programmatic media which automates processes and provides much better results for companies that advertise online. Learn more about this feature and how to use it in everyday life.

What Is Programmatic Media?

It can be said that programmatic media is a strategy that, through technologies, purchases digital advertising in a practical, automated, and precise way. It offers a great improvement over previous, more manual methods.

Furthermore, one of the great advantages this method offers is the simplification of processes since software purchases and sells spaces on the internet. And to improve the process, data is used during this procedure, such as information about the audience profile by interests, traffic, and user behavior.

And How Does It Work?

In addition, programmatic media works through Ad Exchanges, platforms that connect brands that want to advertise to advertising spaces. Hence, the website owners, or publishers, publish the spaces available within that platform.

In summary, interested companies access the site to find the ideal spaces for their ads. In addition, auctions are held in real-time to purchase stations negotiated by cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

In this sense, the other steps occur automatically, analyzing user data to make the correct selection of the public and deliver the right ads to them. Thus, expenses are optimized, as unnecessary expenses are avoided.

What Are The Formats And Their Uses?

First of all, there are many different types of programmatic media that you can apply to your business. Learn about the main formats and their uses.

  • Display Ad: The most popular format displays banners on websites and apps. He’s great for those looking primarily for reach;
  • Video: Another popular format is programmatic video media. These ads range from those displayed within other videos to those appearing on web pages;
  • Native Ads: Native Ads ads are displayed as recommended or featured content, offering a better experience to users;
  • Audio: with the popularization of podcasts, this format gained strength. These spots can be used within streaming platforms in music and the podcasts themselves;
  • Social networks: this type of programmatic media is one of the most used today, as the tools make it possible to filter users’ interests very well. It can be used with Inbound and Outbound strategies to attract leads.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Programmatic Media?

So, like any strategy, programmatic media has pros and cons. Below are some of these situations:


  • The more accurate reach of the public;
  • Use of data to improve the reach of advertisements;
  • Optimization of invested amounts;
  • By reaching the right people, the ROI will be greater;
  • Possibility of adjusting the campaign already in progress.

Disadvantages Of Programmatic Media

  • Automatic display of ads that requires good configuration to not fall on sites that you are not interested in;
  • To avoid errors in ads, the amount invested in tools ends up being a little higher than in other models;
  • As the efficiency of programmatic media is great, there is a very big dispute. Therefore, doing a good job of segmentation and content is essential.
  • Furthermore, within these pros and cons, it is very important to know that programmatic media, like any other model, must follow the company’s strategy and needs.

Also, after these tips, it’s time to have a marketing and sales platform in your business. To facilitate the implementation process, you can count on the help of companies specialized in the subject.

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