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Rise Of Ransomware Attacks: How To Protect My Business?

Ransomware Attacks: Hacker attacks, which affect data and information, are always fearsome, whether for one person or, even more so, for large organizations, which operate with a much larger volume of content that can be stolen.

Recently, a specific type of attack has grown and has been putting everyone on alert: ransomware. In practice, this type of action is like a kidnapping. Invaders manage to kidnap data from locks that do not allow access by the actual owners of that information. For normalcy to be re-established, criminals ask for a ransom to remove the blockade.

That is, becoming the target of ransomware attacks generates huge losses for anyone. Therefore, we will share some tips on how to protect your company from this type of action. Find out exactly what to do so that hackers cannot win this battle by installing viruses of this type in their systems.

Have The Structure Of Your System With Quality And Constantly Updated

The first step is to install quality systems within the company. Every type of server is subject to attacks, but if there is quality, the tendency is for security to be much higher.

Therefore, it is essential to choose suppliers recognized in the market capable of structuring more robust packages for data storage, access to information, etc. The cloud infrastructure must be the best, increasing the protective barrier to this attack.

Also, another essential point: constant updates. The complexity of technological systems grows, and attackers are just behind. They constantly evolve to create more dangerous viruses, even within the ransomware category. Therefore, systems also need to develop.

This happens through updates and news created by the companies that offer the service. But if the customer, who buys this product, is not willing to update it, he is vulnerable.

Therefore, having a quality structure that is constantly updated is the initial step for the company to be, as much as possible, protected from ransomware attacks.

Get Expert Protection Advice

In addition to continually working with the best and most up-to-date systems, it is essential that the company also has a partner specialized in system protection.

A consultancy at your side that is always up to date on risks and new types of invaders are essential. She will know exactly how to act in crises based on previous knowledge of other cases in which the problem has occurred.

Investing in this type of support also allows better guidance for employees on how to act to avoid being caught by these invaders, in addition to helping in the way of combat after the problem occurs, including maintaining calm and rationality in the resolution, without being at the mercy of the invaders and their ransom demands.

Think Of The Backup

As we explained at the beginning of the text, ransomware viruses can ” hijack” data, which is retained until victims make a payment. And, in the end, not even that is a guarantee that the invaders will return everything, just as the size of the damage caused is still being determined.

Imagine a business based on the data in a system blocked by the invasion. , the company stops, and the consequences of this can be catastrophic, generating huge losses, whether financial or in terms of reliability and reputation, among others.

Antivirus Protection

Let’s talk about two more structural topics to prevent this problem. The first is the antivirus issue. All companies know the importance of having this type of protection in their systems.

There is (at least in highly professional businesses) no chance that the machines do not have antivirus of any brand.

But it is always good to emphasize the importance of choosing the protection package well and avoiding mistakes. It is necessary to map all the details referring to the connections, applications used, and other information so that the contracted service can create a protection dome in all the critical systems.

Leaving any connection point vulnerable can be enough to throw away all the previously done protection work. It’s like building a fence around a location but leaving a hole in a specific spot. Invaders, finding this hole, have access to whatever the rest of the wall is protecting.

Team Orientation

And to top it all off, an essential aspect: is team orientation. A company, despite all the technical details, is made of people. They are the ones who will use the tools well so that the result is positive. When it comes to ransomware threats, logic also applies.

Small lectures on orientation and knowledge of the problem, advice on how to act in case of attacks, prevention, not clicking on suspicious links, and other actions are essential to avoid any problem.

The company will be much more protected if the entire work team is aware of the threat and has the necessary training to avoid it. After all, if the employees themselves do not open doors for these attacks, the chances of something going wrong are already significantly reduced.

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