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The Best Netflix Movies 2023 And The Latest Releases

We choose the best Netflix movies of 2023 and, in addition, a complete list with all the releases of the year.

  • Netflix Series 2023: top 10 and the latest releases

2023 is going to be a tough year to make a selection of the best Netflix movies in 2023. This year, they have triumphed with The Academy Crimes, where Edgar Allan Poe himself investigates a murder case, or the Spanish film Eres tú, by the director of Five Wolves.

There are also sequels to past hits, such as Criminals at Sea, with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston in Paris instead of Ibiza, or Tyler Rake 2, the Chris Hemsworth action film that was successful on Netflix in 2020 and has returned with the second part. One of the most anticipated was one of the most expensive on the platform, ‘Agent Stone,’ with Gal Gadot as a spy in the purest style of Mission Impossible or 007, although she has not succeeded too much.

And like other years with Martin Scorsese or Alfonso Cuarón, some of the most prestigious directors will premiere their films exclusively on Netflix. We are talking about David Fincher (The Social Network), who, after Mindhunter, released the film ‘The Killer,’ based on a French graphic novel of the same name that follows the life of an anonymous murderer. And until we finish the year and have seen all the movies, I’ll leave you with what I thought until today were the best Netflix movies of 2023.

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The Best Netflix Movies 2023: Top 10

The collection of original films has exploded recently, and many more will completely change this list since many of them are destined to fight for the 2024 Oscar, such as ‘The Snow Society’ or ‘Master. ‘ But until then, for now, this is the Top 10 selection:

  1. ‘The Count’ is a horror and black humor comedy filmed by Pablo Larraín that is set in a parallel universe inspired by the recent history of Chile. It is a wickedly funny and bloody portrait of a tyrant in decline.
  2. ‘ Tyler Rake 2 ‘: As immersive as a video game and as brutal as a ‘ John Wick ‘ title, the action makes ‘Tyler Rake 2’ worth it. It’s a real shame that it can’t be enjoyed on the big screen.

3.’The Magician’s Elephant’ is a beautiful film to enjoy with the family, whose important messages accompany a tender story with entertaining and surprisingly moving situations.

4.’ Fenómenas ‘: Spanish comedy by Carlos Therón takes us to the nineties, the golden age of parapsychology in Spain and the breeding ground for a story inspired by real events.

5.’Noise ‘ is a tough film out of pure necessity, but it is tough without falling into easy drama or the temptation to wallow in other people’s pain.

6.’ The Tyrone Clone ‘: Director Juel Taylor mixes conspiracy thriller, surreal comedy, and political satire and offers the protagonists John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris a script that could end up being the funniest of the year.

7.’ A Wonderful Life ‘: An excuse for Danish pop singer Christopher Lund Nissen (or simply “Christopher,” his stage name) to show the world that he is a sensitive and attractive heartthrob.

8.’ It’s You ‘: the best Spanish comedy of the year. The best thing is its absolute lack of pretensions and its desire to make mere, vacuous entertainment.

9.’ Infiesto ‘: Given the inclusion of many important themes, such as the pandemic and violence against women, the mystery drama keeps the audience’s attention from beginning to end.

10.’ Agent Stone ‘: Seeing Gal Gadot in action is already worth it. He has a spring to his step, a sureness of tone and purpose that already puts it ahead of most action films. A competent and enjoyable action film.

The Latest Netflix Releases In 2023

The best Netflix movies in 2023 that I have selected range from action-packed adventures, romantic comedies, and animated films to the best horror movies. There is something for everyone in the list of movies. After going over the best Netflix movies of 2021 and also the 75 best Netflix movies we collected in 2022, we are doing the same in 2023 and seeing what Netflix is ​​giving to its subscribers this year. And although this year, 2023, is coming to an end, hundreds of movies will soon arrive on Netflix, which will be among the best horror movies of 2023 or other genres.

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