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The Dynamic Social Wall In The Newsletter – How It Works

Many companies use dynamic social walls for their websites to better highlight social media activity. At the same time, they strengthen brand awareness among their customers. So far, the Dynamic Social Wall could not be used in the newsletter. Nayoki is changing that! We’ll show you how it works in practice.

Nayoki is a digital business agency. The experts support you from the first creative idea to the implementation of the entire campaign. Since August 2021, Nayoki has worked with Sportalm, a successful textile company from Austria.

Sportalm customers want to feel the unique lifestyle of Kitzbühel through the collections. The clothing naturally combines regionality with internationality. Sportalm sends a newsletter to around 30,000 active subscribers twice a week. When working with Nayoki, these subscribers should be better addressed.

The Concept: A Dynamic Social Wall

A dynamic social wall should be integrated into the newsletter, consisting of social media posts and appearing live in the newsletter. The problem with this: Javascript is required for a social wall, such as that found on websites.

For this reason, in the past, companies only used static social walls in the newsletter. The social media posts are therefore not displayed live. The readers only see the images and texts that were current at the time the newsletter was created.

Nayoki’s Solution: The experts always pull the live content of the social media channel via the meta-API (i.e., a programming interface) and save the images on their CDN server. Fixed image URLs are referenced in the newsletter, and the CDN always plays out the useful content at the moment of the call. This creates a dynamic social wall instead of just making the static content visible to the readers.

Nayoki And Sportalm: This Is How The Cooperation Worked In Practice

Before the Dynamic Social Wall could be introduced at Sportalm, some preparations had to be made. Below is the interest survey of the readers. All newsletter subscribers have received an email linked to the preference center. Here they had the opportunity to provide information about themselves and their interests.

In addition, rules for hashtags in the social media posts were defined so that the various posts could be played out dynamically according to the newsletter topics and the readers’ interests. In addition, the hashtags must match the parameters on the referenced image links.

The social media posts are then pulled live via the Instagram Basic Display API and stored on Nayoki’s CDN server. This has the advantage that the posts are also drawn live into the newsletter via the referenced image links – even after the mailing has been sent. As a result, the latest and most relevant content always appears in the newsletter, regardless of opening it.

What Does A Dynamic Social Wall In The Newsletter Do?

A dynamic social wall gives companies different advantages. For example, the integration ensures that click rates are increased and, thus, also the conversion rate. Customers who have not yet interacted with the brand’s social media posts are stimulated. The content’s relevance and purchasing power increase through the personalized display, depending on their interests.

What is also becoming more and more important in day-to-day business: By integrating a dynamic social wall, it is possible to increase the number of followers and thus also the newsletter click rate. Nayoki took 3rd place in the Emailing category at the Email Awards 2022 for working with Sportalm. 

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