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Information Technology: What Is It?

Information technology has always been an important area, but in recent years it has gained even more importance in huge companies (including multinationals).

Everything involved with technology has ample space in the market; after all, new developments in this field continue to emerge, in addition to the particular needs of each company.

If you are considering going into the famous IT area, but still need to figure out everything involved in this profession, here we will help you. Understand better the functions, salaries, and other information of this professional.  

What Is Done In Information Technology? 

It is the famous acronym for information technology. Professionals in this area work with technological solutions involving data,  software,  hardware, and networks (domestic or business).

The goal of IT is to use all these resources to facilitate user access and analyze and manage information. 

It goes far beyond fixing a computer or reestablishing an internet connection. He is responsible for working with data and optimizing all processes involving this information. 


Information technology became more important in the 1960s when technology began to permeate corporations intensely. 

At that time, technology appeared more in control systems, payroll, inventory management, and the like – you need to use systems to do all this. 

With the evolution of technology, computers, and the internet, IT has become an essential component of any company. Professionals began to be more considered, including in decision-making at companies. 

In this way, the IT area began to be structured, going beyond the operational and increasingly involved in companies’ decision-making. 

Nowadays, the information technology team is involved in the most complex decisions, as companies realize that virtually any action within the corporation will need an optimized system on the part of IT. 

What Are The IT Areas? 

When we talk about information technology, it is very vague in terms of professional options. It is a very robust profession, and you can act differently. See some areas: 

Systems Development

Currently, the systems development area, the famous software, is growing exponentially and is undoubtedly an up-and-coming segment. 

Developers are those professionals who create systems that will be applied directly in the company they work for or who can do this outsourced (for example, working in a company that creates software for other companies).

Professionals who choose to pursue this area should be aware that they will be involved in several projects and will need to understand very well what the market of that company is.

For example, the information technology sector of a mining company needs to understand transport operations, processing, and other processes to identify bottlenecks and propose systems to solve them. 

The developers aim to integrate the information and lay it out in an obvious way. All this was done using a system that would further optimize the process.

This sector is “divided” among those who graduated in programming or software engineering. The IT area can specialize in this segment and continue with systems development.

This area is critical and promising, being currently one of the areas with the best salary within information technology. 


Information technology can also work in  ​​infrastructure – and this is very common. He will be responsible for keeping all systems stable throughout the day.

Among its attributions are the care of servers, networks, databases, and virtual machines… 

Although it is a primary function, it is essential. Many operations paralyze if there is a problem on the network – that is, they waste time and money on it.

A good professional who guarantees the stability of these systems will be very well recognized in the market. 


Another critical area, which has been growing along with the development segment, is Security. 

The more we depend on technology/the internet, the more we can harm ourselves in cases of information corruption. Loss of information “naturally” or by hacking systems cannot happen within a company. 

Imagine what would happen to large companies, mainly publicly traded ones, if confidential information leaked. The consequences would be enormous. 

Or even the “disappearance” of a report with essential data… the Security of all documents and data is imperative. This becomes even more necessary with applying the LGPD (General Data Protection Law). 


The information technology area may also be responsible for carrying out tests. Although it seems intrinsic to developing programs and systems, this step should be addressed.

The consequences are countless, and having a professional carry out thorough tests is essential. This becomes even more important in companies developing programs for other companies.

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