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What Is A Game Booster For Samsung Phones?

Increased performance, prettier graphics, battery saver, and more. Find out what Samsung’s Game Booster is and how it works.

Despite most smartphones already having powerful hardware today, not all are suitable for games. Some leave something to be desired in terms of performance; others even take the hit but end up heating the device a lot.

In certain cases, performance is not the main obstacle but the immersion and experience. And considering meeting this need, Samsung has an app that can solve these problems. Check below what Game Booster is, what it adds to the games, and how effective it is. 

What Is Game Booster, And How Does It Work

Game Booster is an application made by Samsung to increase performance and the overall experience when running a mobile game. Some of its main features are optimizing certain system settings, preventing possible interruptions, and maximizing a game’s potential. Game Booster has some features that can be active or not, depending on the user’s choice. 

In general, the app seeks to automatically optimize the smartphone through artificial intelligence, which recognizes the device’s standards to allow for a better gaming experience, such as adjusting the brightness and resolution to leave them in a way that the game can run as smoothly as possible.

Smoothest way possible. Through it, it is also possible to block calls and notifications outside the game, allowing uninterrupted gameplay. Its main utility is present in the impact it causes on performance, allocating memory, CPU, and GPU resources in a way that maintains good performance for a long time. 

In addition, the user can change certain options and configure the application as he prefers. For example, changing the frame rate and graphic resolution, thus being able to make the tool able to work according to your device’s hardware. The app also provides detailed information about the cell phone’s performance, statistically reporting data on the performance of RAM, CPU, and GPU.

Which Cell Phone Can Use Game Booster? 

The first versions of the application were released for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, and since then, it has received numerous updates and is also available for more current models, not only for the S line but also for the A-line and the M line. The S line has the brand’s top-of-the-line smartphones, and the tool tends to be more effective in them and the first to receive extra features and functionality.

Like the “Pause USB Power Delivery” function, originally only available on the Galaxy S23. This option causes the charger’s energy to go directly to the smartphone’s processor, improving gaming performance and avoiding battery drains, making it last longer. Despite the exclusivity for the brand’s 2023 flagship, a few months later, the function became available for the Galaxy A73 5G, S22, and the Z Fold 2, 3, and 4.

Does Game Booster Work?

Having already understood what Game Booster is and what it does, we can only answer the question: does it improve the experience with mobile games? And the answer is yes. Whether in automatic modes or setting it to your style, Game Booster provides better performance and prettier graphics. And this is present not only in premium cell phones but also in intermediate models like the A52.

However, it is important to emphasize that the application will only enhance what the cell phone’s hardware can do. Therefore, when used on an entry-level smartphone trying to run a heavy game, it will be less efficient.

Understanding the limitations of a mobile phone’s performance and how far Game Booster can take you is crucial not to be disappointed. In short, it ends up being more suitable for more complete intermediaries and premium models to “unleash” the full potential of your hardware.

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