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5 Tips To Build Your Online Portfolio Efficiently

Online Portfolio: More than ever, having an online presence is important. As we all know, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of companies, spurring modernization at a speed never seen before.

Much of the buying and selling journey takes place in the digital universe today. Therefore, we prepared this introductory post on the subject! After all, how can you create a good online portfolio for your company? If not, no problem! Our goal is to present this subject, demonstrating the importance of this tool for digital performance. Follow!

What Is An Online Portfolio, And Why Is It Important?

First, it is important to understand what portfolios are and what they are for. The best way to understand this tool is by imagining a virtual gallery. In this space, you can present your collection of products and services, demonstrating your company’s competence and quality in carrying out its work.

Let’s say you’re a small business owner with a reseller and technical assistance. In addition to offering electronic security solutions, you take advantage of portfolio diversification and start offering pay-tv plans. Well, in your portfolio, you can display your best projects, encouraging the customer to hire your company based on the quality of your services and the variety of your offers and products.

In addition to demonstrating excellence, the portfolios introduce the client to its entire range of services. In the example above, we assume that you also offer subscription TV plans, which are not directly correlated with your main niche, electronic security. It is in the portfolio that you present this possibility to the client. Thus, the consumer discovers another solution that he can count on you and your team.

We say this because it is in the portfolio that, in addition to highlighting all the successful cases that the company has already served, you take the opportunity to list your group’s skills and certifications. Here, you can detail everything about their highly qualified team, with years of experience in electronic security, installing CCTVs, setting up monitoring centers, etc.

And don’t think that portfolios are only valuable for digital skills. In reality, the tool is useful for all industries. Both companies and self-employed professionals can benefit from the use of portfolios, as the functionality is the same: to show clients what you know, what you do, and what you have already done.

What Are The Top 5 Tips For An Online Portfolio?

Now that you understand these tools well, it’s time to build your company’s portfolio. Below, we list 5 practical tips to help you on this journey, describing the strategy’s objective, job selection, good tools, and much more. Follow!

Understand The Purpose Of The Portfolio

Early on, staying true to the portfolio’s purpose for your company is important. For some professionals, the creation of the tool will serve as a showcase for their best work, thus working as a resource to stimulate the digital sales journey.

In other scenarios, the portfolio is merely an illustrative gallery of all the products and services provided by your company. In both cases, building the tool results in higher sales numbers, but different goals require different approaches during development.

Select The Right Jobs

As always, the best way to understand something is through good examples. So, imagine you have a company that sells and installs security equipment in commercial, residential, and industrial perimeters. You can highlight outstanding projects in your company’s history in the portfolio.

Thus, you demonstrate to the consumer that your company and its solutions have already received the trust of other large companies, which is a trigger of authority, in a way. But of course, it’s important not to give up your target audience when using this strategy.

By creating a very B2B (Business to Business) portfolio, you don’t have as much effect on the civilian audience (B2C — Business to Consumer), which in our example would represent residential customers who buy your security solutions to install in their homes.

Opt For Intuitive Navigation

It is very important that the portfolio offers fluid navigation, that is, simple, practical, functional, and, even more important, objective. We say this because the client doesn’t always care about the technical and graphic arrangement of the portfolio because he usually wants to know what you can do for him.

For this reason, offering a comfortable “tour” through your virtual gallery is important, adopting navigation controls that everyone is already familiar with, such as changing pages in a presentation PDF or simple vertical scrolling. In terms of navigation, we guarantee that less is more.

Use The Right Tools

Portfolios are proven solutions in virtually every industry. Because of this, there are tools and platforms for creating portfolios that cater to all industries. Graphically, there are solutions like Behance, Dribble, and Adobe Portfolio.

However, you may prefer your portfolio to be “closer to home.” For this, there is the possibility of creating this virtual showcase as a session on your website. Or, hire a professional to create in slides or PDF format to facilitate portfolio distribution.

Publicize The Portfolio

Finally, distribution. It’s no use having the best products and performing the best services if nobody knows. After all, online sales can only happen in a vacuum, with consumers knowing your brand. That’s why it’s important to publicize your portfolio at every good opportunity.

If your brand has profiles on social networks, the description field offered by these platforms is the perfect place to share the link. This way, consumers find a quick way to get to know your products and services with as little friction as possible.

Another good form of distribution is to send the portfolio link automatically in interactions carried out by chatbots, both on your website and via WhatsApp. So, while the customer is not promptly served, he can look through the portfolio and see what you can do for him — and with a wide range of products and services, you increase the likelihood of solving the customer’s pain.

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