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Cyber ​​Attacks- Thanks To Managed Security Services For More Security

Cyber ​​Attacks-Managed security services enable companies to master the increasing security requirements better. Manufacturers have also recognized this trend and are increasingly opening up to cooperation. But there is still a lot to be done.

Cyber-attacks have reached a new dimension. This was shown by the SolarWinds hack, in which thousands of companies were infected in one fell swoop – including numerous US authorities and large corporations. By infiltrating an update to the widespread network management software, the hackers could infiltrate their malware into customer systems, perfectly camouflaged. The SolarWinds hack is an example of how targeted cybercriminals are now and how deep they can penetrate networks.

There are ways to protect yourself from such attacks. A restrictive firewall set of rules can, for example, prevent the malware from communicating with the cybercriminals’ command and control server. This means that it cannot pass on any information about the victim system or receive commands. However, it is not easy to configure the firewall correctly. Security solutions that use AI can also help identify suspicious actions, for example, when endpoints regularly and in large numbers call up previously unknown addresses.

Cyber ​​Attacks- Support From Specialists

IT teams need to know the current protection options and deal with an increasingly complex security landscape. But many are already working to their limits due to the shortage of skilled workers. They can hardly meet the cybersecurity challenges on their own. Managed Security Services (MSS) is therefore in vogue. They enable companies to outsource part or all of their security processes to external shoulders.

A specialized service provider, for example, not only sells and operates leading security products but also develops end-to-end solutions based on them that precisely address customer problems. In a managed firewall service, the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) takes over, for example, the operation and maintenance of the firewall and configures policies that are tailored to customer requirements.

Managed Security Services: Manufacturers Are Rethinking

Manufacturers are also recognizing the trend towards managed security services and are increasingly opening up to MSSPs to integrate their products into their services better. The aim should be that the product grows together with the service – and thus brings the best-added value for the customer. However, this requires a rethink on the manufacturers because instead of selling products, they use the pay-per-use model to settle accounts with an MSS. Suitable billing tools and flexible consumption models are required for this.

In addition, security solutions as a managed service should ideally be operated in any deployment variant: on-premises, in the (private/public) cloud of the customer, or the MSSP. This then operates the systems for the customer or in cooperation with him. Many security products are not yet designed for this.

Still A Lot Of Potential

The trend towards making security solutions fit for the cloud and use as MSS is visible. A lot will happen here in the years to come. This only affects customers peripherally because it is irrelevant for them which products are integrated into an MSS. What counts is that the service booked optimally meets your needs. An experienced, specialized MSSP takes care of that anyway. However, cooperation with manufacturers makes it easier to develop such services.

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