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Fix My Speaker – The Smartest Way To Fix the Speaker Problem

Fix My Speaker‘ a web browser app that helps to remove dust and water from your smartphone by playing ultra-low 165 HZ high-frequency, low-frequency water and debris removal sound. When your smartphone falls into water or other liquids accidentally spill on your phone, the liquids may enter the device through the charging port and other places like speakers. It creates internal circuit damage and may cause severe problems. So, to fix your smartphone when liquids or dust enter the device, activate the button as the phone plays audio that generates specific sound frequencies which flush or remove liquids or debris out of the phone. This process is one of the best ways to remove dust and water from your Android phone or iPhone.

What happens when a smartphone falls in the water?

When a smartphone accidentally falls into the water, the liquid enters the device through vents like the jack, port, and speaker. The liquid damages the circuits, resistors, and coils if the smartphone is not waterproof.

Will a smartphone get damaged when dust or liquid enters it accidentally?

The liquid or dust that enters the device may not cause immediate mutilation but slowly spoils the sensitive parts of the phone and obstructs the working condition of your smartphone. So you must implement proper action to resolve the issue.

How to check whether your phone is damaged or not?

In most Apple, iPhone, Samsung, and flagship phones, a damage/contact indicator strip is located in the SIM tray. This strip helps to find out any liquid damage that may be the cause of the breakdown of the device. When the indicator strip in the SIM tray is exposed to liquids, its normal tint changes and turns smudgy.

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What are the indications to know whether your smartphone is water or dust-resistant?

  • A smartphone’s water/dust resistance is calculated by the Ingress Protection code or IP rating. The IP rating of a device indicates its efficacy against the invasion of water or dust.
  • A smartphone has two numbers as its IP rating. The first number indicates protection against solid material like dust, and the other number indicates protection against liquids like water.
  • If your phone has the IP rating of IP68, that means it has complete protection against solid matter like dust, dirt, sand, and water even after the device is completely submerged in water.
  • Famous phones like the iPhone 13, Samsung S22, and S21 have an IP68 rating. However, if the phones are submerged in seawater, then the salt in the sea causes damage to your phone. So, you must carefully handle your smartphones near ocean waters.

What should you do immediately when your phone gets in contact with water?

  • When your phone is immersed in water, the first thing you should do is immediately switch it off. Shutting off your phone helps prevent further or major damage.
  • Remove back covers and phone cases, SIM cards, and micro-SD cards. Remove the battery also if it is removable.
  • If the phone comes in contact with salt water, beer, or other liquids, use a damp cloth to clean the outside as salt damages the phone.
  • Wipe the outer area of the phone with paper cloths gently.
  • Remove water from the charging ports by gently shaking the device. Tilt the phone both ways to remove the water from the device.

What should you not do when your smartphone falls into the water?

  • Don’t insert objects like cotton swabs or towels inside the charging ports or speakers, as cleaning with them may further spread the water inside the device.
  • Do not try to operate the phone by pressing keys or buttons.
  • Don’t shake or tap the phone vigorously.
  • Don’t use sources like a hair dryer to remove or dry up the water on the phone.
  • Please don’t charge the phone as it may cause electrocution.

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Tips to try if you are facing speaker issues

If your smartphone speaker is not working properly due to the accumulation of debris, then you can try the following tips before you give it to a service center.

Clean your speakers

If dust accumulates in the speakers, then there may be an obstruction in the audio as the speaker vents of smartphones get dust over time. The accumulation of dust inhibits the sound frequency. So it would help if you cleaned the grills of smartphone speakers now and then.

You can try cleaning the vents either by blowing air using your mouth or using a can of compressed air. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the grills of your phone’s speaker gently. It helps to remove dirt or debris from the grills.

Enable safe mode

Every android phone has a safe mode inbuilt that lets you troubleshoot the device without the help of third-party apps. To enable the safe mode, follow the below steps. However, remember that the steps to enable safe mode varies with the android device.

To enable safe mode, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Then few options appear on the screen. Now click on the Power Off button and hit OK. Your phone restarts in safe mode. You can leave the safe mode by repeating the same steps. Now choose the Restart option to start your phone.

Disable Headphone Output manually

Sometimes your speakers may not be working, but you can hear the audio when you connect your headphones. It is because your Android device sometimes gets stuck in headphone mode. Your phone speakers stop working despite you disconnecting the headphones or earphones.

You can resolve the issue by rebooting the device. If the speakers are not working even after rebooting the phone, download an app, ‘Disable Headphone.’ When you activate the app ‘Disable Headphone,’ your phone leaves the headphone mode and plays the audio through speakers.

The other ways to ‘fix the speaker‘ are by checking for software issues. To resolve the malfunction, reboot the phone first. This process will let all the background services restart again.

If the speaker is not working during a call, check whether your device is set to the built-in speaker mode. It happens when your device is connected to wireless earphones. Check whether your device is connected to other wireless earphones.

Check whether your phone is shifted to Do Not Disturb or Silent mode accidentally. Test the speaker by raising the volume and turning down the volume, and playing music in both modes to check the phone isn’t stuck.

Final Say

Your smartphone is exposed to a lot of dust, debris, and other matter every day. So, the best thing to do is to protect it with a back cover or case. Cleaning the jacks, ports, and other vents gently now and then. Proper maintenance of your smartphone helps in extending its life.

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