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How to Fix Google Wifi Flashing Blue Issue?

The Google Wifi router is a smart home device that is gaining much popularity nowadays. It helps you to connect, automate the tasks and save money. You can count on Google Wi-Fi routers as the Mesh routers cover more than the traditional routers. The quality with which Google designs the Wi-Fi router is of the highest quality. It offers numerous features that let you experience a sophisticated life by creating a mesh network.

The LED lights on the router indicate different levels of function. Each LED light has a different color and pattern that generally specifies the device status and network condition. This article is to know why Google WiFi is flashing blue, what it indicates, and how to fix the issue.

What does Google Wi-Fi flashing blue indicate?

Predominantly when you observe Google WiFi flashing blue generally indicates three reasons. The flashing blue light indicates that the device is ready to be set up, the device is undergoing a factory reset by default, or the firmware is upgrading.

The flashing blue light should turn solid blue when these three processes are accomplished. When you see a solid blue light on the router, it indicates that the network is online, and you can carry out your activities without any problems.

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How to resolve the Google Wi-Fi flashing blue light issue?

In this article, we explained the simple ways to resolve the issue. We assure you that by the end of this article, you will be able to solve the issue all by yourself by following every step carefully. We mentioned the most common solutions that anyone can perform. If you are not confident in doing so, you can always prefer taking the help of customer support. However, we suggest you have a look at the following process.

Setup the device

As mentioned above, the Google Wi-Fi flashing blue light might indicate that the device is ready for setup. So, you must mainly focus on setting up the device primarily. In the majority of the cases, this may happen as you have reverted the router to factory settings, so you should set up the device again.

You should install the Google application on your smartphone to set up your device. If you have the app already installed on your device, then open the app and connect to the network. Now follow the setup instructions one by one as mentioned on the app. When you complete the setup process according to the instructions, the Google Wi-Fi flashing blue light should turn solid blue.

Firmware Upgrade

The following reason your Google Wi-Fi is flashing blue light might be due to the ongoing firmware upgrade. So, the flashing blue should stop when the device completes rebooting. When the firmware upgrade is going on, there should not be any interruption, or you should not try to disturb the process as it may damage the router.

So here is how you can know whether the flashing blue light is the indication of a firmware upgrade or not. The firmware upgrade does not take much time. If you observe the flashing blue light after several minutes, it might be due to another issue, or the firmware upgrade is stuck. So, Google Wi-Fi continues to flash blue light.

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Try restarting the Google Wi-Fi router

The final standard solution if your Google Wi-Fi is still flashing blue light is restarting the Wi-Fi router. Troubleshooting your device might rectify the problem. It will also fix most of the network problems that interrupt the function of your device.

To restart the router, you can do it with the help of the Google app or restart it manually. First, you must remove the power cable from the router to restart it manually. Leave it like that for a few minutes and reconnect the power cable. Please turn on the router and let it reboot completely.

If you would like to reboot the device using the Google Home app, install the app on your smartphone or open the app if already been installed, then to the option ‘Wi-Fi.’ Now go to the ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Restart Network.’

If you have tried all the three common solutions mentioned above and still find the Google Wi-Fi router flashing blue light, there is a possibility of a router malfunctioning. So, to confirm it, you can check it out by connecting to another router to know where the fault lies. If you do not have another router, we recommend contacting customer support as it is the best option.

Contact customer support

Even after trying all the possible options to fix the flashing blue light, if no remedy turns out, we advise you to get in touch with customer support to seek help in solving the issue. If you reach out to Google customer support, we assure you that you will be able to fix the problem. Provide customer support with the complete details regarding the issue and follow their instructions carefully.

Final Say

This article details the possibilities for the Google Wifi flashing blue light and the solutions to fix it. We hope one of them might work out. If no option helps you fix the issue, there might be a fault with the Google Wi-Fi router. But before replacing the router, try to contact customer support, who may further help you in various ways to fix the issue. After trying all the possible ways, and if nothing helps, try replacing the router with a new one.

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