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Reset Google Wi-Fi – How To Perform A Factory Reset On Your Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi mesh router is the best product with top-notch technology to bring your home online. However, sometimes you may face issues with the router. So, you can perform a factory reset to make the router work again. This article will let you know the different ways to reset Google Wi-Fi. If your Google Wi-Fi is continuously flashing blue light, this article is for you.

Google Wi-Fi is a top-grade product of Google in the home Wi-Fi range. The Google Wi-Fi router has different lighting patterns that indicate different states of the product. When there appears an orange light, it usually means there is no Wi-Fi signal. The flashing orange light indicates there is no internet in the house. But if you observe the orange light flashing continuously even with an internet connection, there is a problem with the Wi-Fi router.

So, the reason for the issue might be as follows.

  • The primary reason might be the disturbance in the internet connection from ISP, or if there is a problem in the router’s working condition, then the Google Wi-Fi flashes orange light indicating that there is no internet connection.
  • If the Google Wi-Fi points have a blockage due to the latest firmware update, then Google Wi-Fi flashes orange light indicating that the Google Wi-Fi may fail to register correctly. So, check for the corrupt firmware of the Google Wi-Fi point.
  • The other reason for the flashing orange light might be a malfunction in the hardware. So, the router may not detect the internet.

Factory reset Google Wi-Fi

If you observe your Google Wi-Fi router flashing an orange light continuously, the firmware is corrupt, and the router cannot detect the Wi-Fi signal. So, there will be no internet. If such an issue arises, performing a factory reset of Google Wi-Fi may solve the problem. Before performing a factory reset of your home Google Wi-Fi check whether the internet cable is working properly by plugging it directly into a laptop or desktop. Check for any other domestic malfunctions.

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Fundamental reasons to perform a factory reset on your Google Wi-Fi

You can make a factory reset of your Google Wi-Fi if you want

  • To erase all the information from your router.
  • To return your Google Wi-Fi router.
  • To reset your entire Wi-Fi network.
  • To give your Google Wi-Fi to others.

So given below are the three ways to factory reset your Google Wi-Fi.

Before knowing how to factory reset your Google Wi-Fi, remember that resetting will erase all your data from the hardware, Google Home app, and cloud services. So, it is better to backup any necessary information before factory resetting your Google Wi-Fi. Now go through the different ways to factory reset your Google Wi-Fi.

Perform Google Wi-Fi reset through Home App

The reset should start at the home app as it erases the settings on the router.

  • Open the Google Home app on your device and click on the affected Wi-Fi point.
  • Then select Settings and click on the Factory Reset Wi-Fi point.
  • Now select the Factory Reset and go to the affected node to reset as given below.

Perform the reset with Google Wi-Fi point

  • First, switch off the Google Wi-Fi router and disconnect from the power source.
  • Now press the reset button on the router and switch it on.
  • Make a long press and wait until it turns blue, which may take around 45 seconds. When it turns blue, immediately release the rest button.
  • Now you can see the blue light flashes for around 10 minutes. After that, set it up with Wi-Fi that is unplugged.
  • Now check whether the flashing orange light issue is not appearing. You may have to look for a new Wi-Fi point on your Google Home app or scan the QR that is present on the point.
  • If the issue remains, check if renaming the room in the Google Home app might solve the issue.
  • If the trick doesn’t work, the best way is to reset all the Google Wi-Fi devices in the network to the factory defaults. Now see whether the flashing orange light issue is cleared.
  • If the problem still exists even after doing all the above tricks, reset all the Google Wi-Fi nodes and make the Google Wi-Fi router primary or vice versa.
  • Then set up all other Wi-Fi nodes as secondary, and this trick might solve the orange flashing light issue.

Finally, if the problem persists, connect the problematic Wi-Fi point to the working Wi-Fi point and see whether setting up the problematic Wi-Fi point will solve the issue.

Perform a cold restart of your Google Wi-Fi router

Google Wi-Fi might show the flashing orange light due to a technical glitch in the network or if the router cannot unregister the old Google point. So in such a case, it is best to perform a cold restart of the router to solve the issue.

  • First, perform a factory reset of the problematic Wi-Fi point.
  • Shut down the power to the router or modem.
  • Now unplug the Ethernet cables from the router and switch off the power from other networking equipment and Wi-Fi points. Disconnect everything entirely from the power source.
  • Then 10 minutes after plugging off the power, reconnect the Ethernet cable to the respective points.
  • Now, switch on the router and wait until all the lights flash on and stabilize.
  • Then switch on the Google Wi-Fi point and see whether it can connect to the router.
  • If the above process doesn’t solve the issue, check if restarting the network solves the issue.
  • If the problem remains the same, check for the old network settings like the device configuration, same SSID, etc.
  • Also, check if removing a non-Google device from the network might solve the problem.

If any of the above methods did not solve the issue, then you should contact Google support as the problem is significant.

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