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Getting Started With The AWS Free Tier: What You Need To Know

The market is sprawling with different cloud service providers. Among them is Amazon Web Services (AWS). What do you know about AWS? Did you know that they have the AWS Free Tier? We answer these questions and more in this article.

Free Tiers

Free tiers are a great way to try out services before purchasing. Unfortunately, free tiers have limitations that may not give you the whole idea of what you are looking for on the market. There may be unexpected surprises that can put you at risk of racking up non-trivial costs. We want to prepare you on what to expect to avoid scary bills later. Consider this article a guide to help you know the good, the bad, and the ugly side of AWS Free Tier.

A Quick Description of the AWS Free Tier

Amazon Web Services is a well-known platform with essential services that cover different business needs. Like other cloud providers, AWS also offers a free tier. AWS Free Tier lets you get a hands-on experience with AWS products.

The free tier activates when you create a new AWS account. With this free tier, you can try out a few AWS services free of charge up to a specified limit each month. It is important to remember that only some of the services are free. Besides, they charge standard rates when you exceed usage limits.

If you want to know the best products that meet your business needs, you can use the free tier to test the products. Besides, some people use it to do short-term projects or experiment with cloud computing. The free tier is available to all new customers with an AWS account. There are no upfront fees when you use the free tier.

AWS Free Tier Offers

The free tier has three different offerings:

  • Trials: They are short-term trials for a limited period or a limited quantity of resources.
  • Always Free: These offers do not expire and are available to both new and existing AWS customers.
  • 12-month Free: Available to new customers for a year from the date you create an account.

The Challenges

As we mentioned earlier, not all services are free. Besides, the free tier has limits on product usage. When you create an account, you will input your payment details to use the free tier. AWS sets this to charge when you exceed free tier limits. Ensure you check the offer you are using so you know the limits.

Wrapping Up

Avoid unexpected bills by checking the AWS pricing page. Read the terms and conditions, then proceed with caution. We recommend setting an alert so you get notifications when you are about to exceed the limits set. The AWS Free Tier allows you to test products before you make a purchase. The free tier has its share of challenges that you need to know. This will help you stay in check when using it, especially if you want to avoid hefty bills at the end of the month.

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