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Importance Of Quality In Service For Companies

Have you already reflected in depth on the importance of quality in service for the performance of companies?

Did you stop to think that, from now on, your competitors are all those competing for your customer’s financial strength and that it is more necessary than ever to create deep links for the relationship to remain strong and lasting?

The consumer experience has been a topic that has been in evidence in the market for some years now and which becomes even more relevant in contexts such as the current one – amid the coronavirus pandemic. The crisis is an engine for changing how products and services are consumed.

And for the offer to remain in line with people’s expectations, it is necessary to have the right tools and methodologies. In short, the focus is on establishing connections that turn desires into business opportunities.

In this post, you can check some tips we prepared from the reflections proposed by Mutant’s Director of Quality & Insights, Danielle Francis, on guaranteeing a good service experience.

What Is The Importance Of Quality And Insights For Companies?

When we talk about quality, insights, process improvement, and customer satisfaction, it is necessary to be aware that these are basic elements to nurture a good relationship with the public and keep the company competitive.

However, from a financial and KPI point of view, such factors may seem too abstract for most companies. What happens is that the benefits generated have little tangibility in the short term and depend on the ability to carry out internal actions for changes to take place.

Before the pandemic, agile culture was taking place within companies; however, many structural barriers were still felt in the skin in the midst of the collapse. By breaking some paradigms, we observed that we could be simpler and more agile. This is how to learn how to use diagnostics and insights better to improve the customer experience.

The quality of insights and trend analysis will be the way to prevent companies from losing even more revenue. It is necessary to consider what scenario we will have after the crisis and what characteristics may change in the target audience. This will help you understand the current reality so that you, the manager, can turn problems into opportunities.

The proper posture is, therefore, to investigate new market prospects, such as:

  • Will the change in consumption habits result in a new consumer profile?
  • Are companies prepared to deal with such changes?
  • What strategies should be adopted?

If you see quality as an expense, know that some opponents will continue to invest in this aspect and will be aware of all your audience’s concerns in the current situation, especially after the turbulent period.

Some disruptive companies also made customers experience different experiences and changed the evaluation level. New expectations were created, which will not stop because once we know something that makes us feel better, our reference becomes that.

A genuine look at customers, mainly observing their emotions, allows us to understand their needs and desires and define the best ways to improve each experience.

How Could This Impact In The Future?

Regarding perspectives for the future, the main reflection is that there is no single formula for monitoring the quality of care.

For a long time, the belief was that with technology in hand, there was enough to solve all questions and understand the customer. Not all companies made specific planning or any strategy in that sense.

Fortunately, we have a new reality — the great entrepreneurs have already become aware that, in addition to choosing the ideal resources, it is necessary to extract intelligence from the data.

In other words, the success of the strategy of each business depends on the investment in customized tools that meet the particularities, as well as the help of specialists in the process. Such specialists have the mission of transforming data into analysis.

Therefore, the human factor is a key piece in the work of enriching the information that is being collected and in the generation of insights that bring positive impacts to business actions.

Beware Of The Customer Base

The consumer profile that will be in the market after the crisis will change, and the truth is that we will never go back to where we were before COVID, and this creates the need to quickly map your audience to offer the right service and solutions.

The company that best knows its audience will know how to move towards possible changes. And those with this structured process will certainly be ahead of the competition during and after the crisis. Humanity is sensitive. Therefore, the product and service offering needs to quickly adjust to new values ​​and emotions.

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