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Inexpensive Domain Providers: An Overview Of The Best Providers

Do you lose track of all the domain providers? We compare nine different providers for you to overview best & Inexpensive domain providers. There are so many providers on the market that users are downright overwhelmed. Even for experienced users, it makes sense to compare their domain providers regularly. We will explain what a domain provider is and compare nine different providers in the following.

Inexpensive Domain Providers: What Is A Domain Provider?

The ICANN monitors and Manages the allocation of available top-level domains. However, it is not a registry but sells the rights for individual domain endings to independent organizations, the so-called registries. As a rule, however, these registries do not take on the assignment but rather conclude contracts with registrars, the domain providers.

Therefore, the domain providers are mediators between the registries and the users who are looking for a suitable top-level domain. We explain exactly what a top-level domain is in our detailed guide. Often they also take care of the registration and billing of costs. In many cases, domain providers are also providers who also offer additional services, such as hosting, in addition to registering the domain.

How Do Domain Providers Differ?

As already mentioned, the selection of providers is now confusing. Before choosing a domain provider, you should therefore consider these four aspects:

  • Domain Offer:  How big is the selection of top-level domains? This selection can differ significantly from provider to provider.
  • Service: Does the domain provider take over other services for you in addition to registering your domain? This can be, for example, the renewal or cancellation of your domain, a domain check or the reservation of domains.
  • Price: Top-level domains can differ significantly – from a few cents to several euros per month. A comparison of prices is therefore particularly important.
  • Additional Services: What other services does the provider offer? This can be, for example, hosting packages, website builders or email inboxes.

The Best Domain Providers In Comparison

In the following, we will briefly and compactly introduce you to the best domain providers concerning the criteria mentioned.


IONOS ‘roots go back to 1988. IONOS offers DSL and landline, hosting, mobile communications, server and email solutions, marketing tools, website construction kits, accounting and office packages, and domain registration. With the help of the domain check, users can check whether their desired domain is still available.

Overall, users choose over 600 different top-level domains, which are divided into different categories. Contracts run for twelve or 24 months, with the first twelve months often being even cheaper thanks to special offers. You can register your domain with IONOS for as little as 0.09 euros per month and choose from many additional services, such as hosting, email boxes or the website builder.


The domain provider STRATO was founded in 1997. In addition to domain registration, the company offers hosting packages, email inboxes, servers and website builders. Users have several hundred top-level domains to choose from, which can be checked in advance using the domain check. It should be emphasized that a domain with STRATO can only be concluded for one month. This means that users are very flexible and can choose one or twelve months of contract terms.

Depending on the duration of the contract, the monthly costs start at 0.08 euros without a setup fee. If you choose a one-month contract, the costs are 1.20 euros. However, users pay a one-time setup fee of 10 euros.


Sedo was founded in 1999. In addition to its function as a registrar, the company has specialized in trading in Internet addresses already entered. Users search directly for their desired domain on Sedo. Users then receive a result on whether the domain is still free or already registered. Free domains can then be registered.

If the desired domain is for sale, users can: place a bid and negotiate or buy the domain immediately at a price set by the sellers.


The company was founded in 2000. The domain provider has a large selection of over 700 top-level domains that can be found alphabetically and sorted by category. The contract period is always 12 months, from a monthly price of 0.75 euros users can find their desired domain here. A domain-specific email box is included at no additional cost.

In addition, users can book webs pace and email packages for companies at united-domains.


Internet was founded in 1998 and has specialized in domain registration and hosting since its inception. They work with over 200 registries and offer their users a large selection of top-level domains. Contract periods start from 12 months. Users can register their domain with InterNetX for as little as EUR 0.08 per month without a setup fee.

The domain provider also has a chargeable emergency support service that is available around the clock all year round and helps in the event of a failure, for example.

Check Domain

The domain provider was founded in 2000. With over 900 different top-level domains, users have a very wide choice. The minimum contract period for Check Domain is 12 months. Users: inside, users can register a domain for as little as 0.08 euros without a setup fee.

Additional functions such as an email account are available, and users can create an unlimited number of subdomains at no additional cost.


The company was founded in 1998 under the name Internet WORX. With a selection of over 1,000 top-level domains, the domain provider offers one of the largest platforms for users. Users can choose between contracts of one month or twelve months and pay a monthly price of 0.58 euros or more. In some cases, INWX may charge a setup fee.

Users can choose a hosting package, register an unlimited number of subdomains, and set up an email account.

Host Europe

Host Europe was founded in 1997 and is one of the leading providers in Europe. In addition to many top-level domains, the provider also offers hosting packages. The contract periods are twelve months at a monthly price of 0.99 euros, depending on the top-level domain. The provider looks after more than 250,000 customers and thus more than 1,000,000 domains.

Host Europe transparently presents all costs and offers advertising-free placeholder pages and the possibility to change providers.


Domain provider GoDaddy has over 20 years of experience. The company’s offering includes domain registration, web hosting, email, office and security solutions.

From 0.82 euros per month, users can register their domain with GoDaddy with a minimum contract term of 12 months. If you want to register more than just one domain, GoDaddy offers the option of collective registration. This allows you to register multiple domain variants in one step.

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