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Machine Learning In Practice: Everything You Need To Know

Machine Learning: We see it day after day. We are getting super connected. With this, the need for marketing strategies to adapt grows.

The challenge is to attract the right customer at the right time. This has led to an increase in the use of Machine Learning in the daily practice of Marketing professionals, as well as companies in the process of digital transformation

Consumers seek personalized experiences with content that speaks their language and allows for real interactions. The smarter the customer segmentation, the greater the chance of success. But this runs into two challenging problems. 

First and foremost is the sheer volume of data that needs to be processed to produce meaningful information. Scholars estimate that currently, around 35 trillion gigabytes are stored. Surprisingly, this production doubles every two years. 

Second is the human ability to keep up with the speed at which technological advances occur and learn from them. One sign of this is that people and businesses are being overtaken by technology. When we absorb a novelty well, another one of the latest generations appears. 

We are all chasing and not catching up. As a result, we need mechanisms to optimize strategies and provide faster and more accurate responses to new demands. In this sense, what has proven to be more efficient is Machine Learning, as you will now see in this article.

How To Use Machine Learning In Practice

In summary, Machine Learning in practice is the engine of Artificial Intelligence. The term stands for ‘machine learning,’ which is the ability to label and analyze data. It has helped to make more detailed segmentations, offer more relevant content for the Internet, and measure and qualify performance more efficiently.

And this expectation makes perfect sense if we observe the recessive economic scenario and the acceleration of digital transformation. 

Is there a way to put this into practice already? The answer is yes. However, very calm at this time. Don’t jump in, and don’t expect miracles. Look for an expert to help you get started on the right foot.

Write down the step-by-step There

1 – To Start, Take A Step Back

First, marketing and the entire company must be ready to generate the greatest possible value for its products and services. This means that the company’s Strategic Planning must guide the Communication Plan. 

Also, machines need help to learn. They need human help. The program can take years to perfect without detailed study on performing the task well. This is damage.

2 – Set Goals For Machine Learning

As was implied in the previous item, the machines present much better results when they receive clear and well-defined goals. 

The goal delimits all Machine Learning models to indicate which data should be used to train the system. In other words, separating the wheat from the chaff aims to meet the objectives defined in the Strategic Plan.

Therefore, the goal needs to be measurable, allowing the objective evaluation of the model’s performance.

3 – Feed The System Adequately

There is no Machine Learning algorithm better than the data that feeds it. That is, it will only be as good as the quality of the data. And, here, good data helps in solving the problem that is intended to be solved. 

In addition to quality, there must also be quantity. A lot of data is needed for the machine to learn. Many indeed. Hundreds of pieces of information must be formatted, cleaned, and organized. 

4 – Think Processes And People

Let’s reinforce this golden rule even more: machines don’t learn alone; they need human beings. And at this point, it’s about the deployment teams. 

Marketing professionals should participate by identifying the best cases for applying Machine Learning in practice. Data Analysts take the math and computer science part. Therefore, the deployment team must be cross-functional.

Another success factor is the company’s culture, which must value and reward experimentation and deal well with constant evaluation in all areas.

What Does Your Digital Marketing Gain From This?

Machine Learning in Digital Marketing has been most companies’ gateway to Digital Transformation. In other words, the benefits of this technology, given its strategic position, impact the company. 

To exemplify, Machine Learning makes it possible to know which products can help the most to achieve business goals and how brands can improve sales efforts.

Here We Will List The Three Most Prominent Benefits Of Digital Marketing:

Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

You may have heard of the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of the effects arise from just 20% of the causes. That is, one-fifth of your customers can be the solution to most of your problems. But, in the digital world, how to identify these TOP customers?

Take, for example, an application downloaded to your cell phone. Only a few people continue to use the app after a week. Most never open again. What Machine Learning does in practice: it classifies and analyzes the profile of these customers who use the application frequently.

From there, the machine helps elaborate targeted actions, aiming to attract more customers with the same profile and showing ads only to people more likely to download and use the app to the fullest. 

Customize Your Content

Ads are also content and, as such, can and should be personalized. Nowadays, consumers expect companies to provide outstanding experiences and offer unique and customized content. 

According to Google research, 91% of smartphone owners buy or plan to buy something after seeing an ad they described as relevant.

Can you imagine if you were to create an ad for each customer? It would be an insane task. For Machine Learning, no. He is helping marketers develop creative and unique content. In this way, the customer perceives the advertisement as deference, and he feels valued. 

Find The Customer’s Key Moment

The customer’s key moment is that decisive moment for making a purchase decision. That’s when he identifies the best opportunity to escape a painful situation. It’s the right time to be exposed to an ad that will work as a solution to the pain. 

People are always searching for ‘remedies’ for their biggest pains. That’s why it’s important to bid right in search auctions. 

Automation helps you find that perfect bid and do it at the right time, checking millions of signals and making adjustments in real-time.

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