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Protect Your Business From Data Leakage And Attacks

Data Leakage and Cyber Attacks have become increasingly recurrent and widespread. With this theme more amplified and in evidence, managers are beginning to be aware of how fundamental cybersecurity tools are to prevent, identify and respond to threats.

However, this is still a distant reality for many companies, including physical and virtual stores. When dealing with retail, this cybersecurity scenario is directly linked to the operation, and it is necessary to protect against breaches so that there is no impact on sales.

By collecting and storing data from consumers and third parties, such as suppliers and additional services, this market segment becomes a target for cyber attackers, who look for opportunities to enter systems to capture this information.

To explain cybersecurity and how you can minimize the impacts on your business, continue with this article. Here you will see:

  1. Inside cybersecurity
  2. cybersecurity and retail

Inside Cybersecurity

To begin with, the concept of cybersecurity is the set of actions to protect systems and, consequently, the information that is stored on devices.

That is, in this ultra-connected world, it is vital for this data to be taken care of and identify potential breaches that could be the gateway for cybercriminals to act in the company’s environment. 

This cybernetic universe is enhanced with the entry of new technological tools launched every day, in addition to the changes acquired in recent years in the work routine, which ended up enabling a cybernetic expansion, which, consequently, brings more risks.

Motivated mainly by financial issues, cyber attacks steal and kidnap data, as these are the most precious assets of an organization.

For this reason, it is recommended that there be a minimum of protection tools to mitigate risks to companies and prevent attacks. According to experts, the most common types currently are:

  • Backdoor- the attacker has access to the infected system and has the opportunity to take remote control;
  • Phishing- a method that uses social engineering, taking advantage of the trust placed by a user to steal their data;
  • Spoofing- falsification of IP addresses, DNS and emails;
  • DDoS attack- based on distributed denial of service attack;
  • Eavesdropping- the hacker can gain access to a different email, instant messaging and telephony systems to violate the victim’s confidentiality.

Cybersecurity And Retail

Here are five steps your business can take to add an extra layer of data protection:

Always Have An Antivirus System

Knowing that 73% of cyber risks involve viruses and malware, not giving up an antivirus system is paramount for your company. That’s because he can withstand various types of attacks – even if they are heavy or more aggressive.

Invest In Security For Cloud Computing

Cloud storage is increasingly popular, and this is due to its efficient capacity for hosting and synchronizing files. However, even considered a safe method, there are methods to make protection more efficient.

Among them, it is worth checking the reputation of the storage provider, enabling authentication of at least two security factors, and adopting an intelligent password policy, among other resources.

Provide Training On Information Security To All Professionals In Your Company

So that there are not so many errors during any execution that requires worrisome interactions, company professionals need to be aware of how to avoid spam or hackers on networks. Therefore, the training aimed at preventing suspicious opening of emails or even not using USB devices such as pen drives, HDs and cell phones, considered unreliable, is essential.

Pay Attention To The Domain Of Pages With HTTPS://

It is essential to understand that, from the moment a page does not contain HTTPS:// at the beginning, the chance of being a virus is more significant. For this reason, if the page in question does not start with the above domain, it is advisable to contact the institution by telephone and inform them of what happened.

Secure Sites Are Always More Reliable

It seems redundant. However, sites that have the security seal are always more reliable. Invest the research in them! Combining data security with an efficient management system is critical for your retail company to maintain its business.

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