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Sales Cloud: Mastering The Salesforce Sales CRM

Sales Cloud: Choosing a sales CRM can help a lot in the company’s critical processes, with good practices, winning new leads, organizing contacts, improving customer relationships, and much more.

Sales Cloud, powered by Salesforce, is one of the top choices in the category. Finding ways to increase and accelerate sales is a challenge faced by all managers who want to see their company prosper. Thinking about doing this in an intelligent and automated way, Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s sales CRM, a platform today’s world leader in CRM.

But to understand the significant differential this tool can bring to your operation, you first need to know what a CRM is.

Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management represents a company’s set of practices, strategies, and technologies to manage and analyze all customer interactions. From this, it becomes possible to anticipate needs and customize sales campaigns.

CRM: Know What It Is

Customer Relationship Management represents a company’s set of practices, strategies, and technologies to manage and analyze all customer interactions. 

From this, it becomes possible to anticipate needs and customize sales campaigns. This article will introduce you to what Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM is, its main characteristics, advantages, and functionalities.

But first, let’s learn more about the relevance of this company to the technology market. 

Salesforce: The Company That Revolutionized Cloud Computing

Salesforce is a technology company that pioneered the Software as a Service (SaaS) model and the subscription business. 

The corporation pioneered this market in 1999 by hosting its Software in the cloud instead of installing it on customers’ computers. The initiative paved the way for other giants like Microsoft and Adobe that would follow years later.

Since its foundation, Salesforce has been considered one of the most innovative in the world in several rankings around the world. This is because it offers robust solutions to facilitate the relationship between companies and their customers.

Among its most outstanding products is the CRM management platform, considered a world leader. 

In general, it should be noted that the company operates on three pillars:

  • Marketing ;
  • Sales ;
  • Customer service ( CRM ).

Salesforce also operates with artificial intelligence systems.

What Is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s sales CRM. It is a complete tool with many functionalities ideal for making marketing, sales, and customer service teams more competitive.

In the system, it is possible to manage accounts by registering every detail about the contracts. The functionalities for project management, revenue goals, and reports are vast, positioning CRM Salesforce as one of the complete solutions today.

It can be used in small, medium, and large companies. Thanks to the SaaS model, companies of all sizes and segments can subscribe to Salesforce Sales Cloud and expand its functionality as the business grows without worrying about investment and infrastructure management.

Learn The Advantages Of Using A CRM In The Clouds

Easy installation;

  • Accessibility from any device connected to the internet;
  • Guaranteed use of constantly updated versions;
  • Simplified support;
  • Possibility of integration with other programs – APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). 

Why Does Using Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Help Me Sell More?

Have you ever wondered why a particular lead didn’t go with a negotiation? What reasons made you give up the purchase? What could the seller have done differently to prevent this from happening?

All these questions can be answered if we stop observing and analyzing the information generated during every contact with this consumer. Therefore, having a CRM is such an important step. 

The integration between the sales, marketing and service areas is fundamental for an organization to be able to relate to the customer uniformly without any failures in communication throughout the purchase journey.

Below we will discuss a little more about them:

  • Allows a unified view of each customer: by combining information generated by teams that have direct contact with the consumer – sales, marketing, and service -it is possible to have a 360° view of the customer, generating trust, guaranteeing sales, and improving the after-sales relationship;
  • Improves seller and partner engagement: Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM creates experiences that will enhance workflow with clear and relevant information for decision-making, improving team engagement;
  • Identifies bottlenecks in the capture and loyalty process: helps to find possible “gaps” within the customer journey. Thus, it is easier to correct them in time and work around this situation;
  • Build safer and more reliable relationships: establish more transparent relationships that meet the most diverse information security and data protection requirements.

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