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Sustainability Is Business-Critical: Sustainable Commerce & CRM At SAP

Sustainability is one of the megatrends. And it has become a business priority. In the Handelskraft Double Feature, we show you how our partners SAP and Salesforce integrate sustainability into their companies.

It starts with insights into sustainability at SAP. In this year’s dmexco presentation,» Sustainable E-Commerce: Ideas for the Environment and Customer Happiness, «Philipp Do Castelo Correia, Business Developer, and Yurdanur Yesilirmak, Presales Manager from SAP, presented how the company wants to achieve its climate goals and what you can do to make it more sustainable to act.

Sustainability At SAP

In 2011, SAP won the German Sustainability Award as Germany’s most recycled paper-friendly company for its extraordinary commitment. For example, SAP has numerous sustainability measures

  • Despite double-digit sales growth, it reduced its global CO2 emissions by 25 percent within three years and achieved cost savings of 170 million euros.
  • Thanks to future-oriented, innovative company management, which has reduced paper consumption (372 tons) by 25 percent and thus also saved resources
  • The position of Chief Sustainability Officer was created in 2009, and comprehensive sustainability reporting was introduced.

SAP thus enables sustainable corporate management based on condensed key figures and ensures transparency for the customer. 

SAP also publishes numerous articles on sustainable commerce on the Community Blog and has developed e-mobility software for finding charging stations. In addition, with the “Climate 21” initiative, SAP is pursuing the vision: of Chasing Zero.

But what is Chasing Zero? Very easily. Zero CO2 and the highest economic, social, and environmental governance standards. This includes, in particular sustainable data management.

The new SAP Product Footprint Management solution should make it possible, presented in more detail at the dmexco.

Companies can use it to assess and evaluate various environmental impacts or types of footprints along the entire value chain, such as CO2 emissions or water, energy, and land consumption.

Sustainability As A Recipe For Successful E-Commerce

More and more companies want sustainable change in their production and corporate culture. Too often lack knowledge, budget, and the initial impetus to implement their plans successfully. For SAP, a well-thought-out sustainability strategy and organization of the company are essential for this.

But perseverance and patience are also required, as is the goal of always responding to customers’ needs.

A sales growth of 20 percent since 2014 with the purchase of sustainable products shows how important sustainable action and customer management are. SAP forecasts even more than 25 percent e-commerce sales in retail by the end of 2021. Especially thanks to young buyers.

Sustainable corporate transformation is also important concerning digital processes and technologies. It is no longer just about offering digital products and services but also about controlling central business processes and operational procedures by integrating modern technologies and solutions. Digitization and sustainability are therefore directly related and also provide numerous advantages such as

  • less operating costs
  • new customers
  • stronger customer loyalty

The most important criterion for all companies that want to operate sustainably and successfully in the future is the trust of their customers. This, in turn, is based on the successful combination of sustainability: personalization and service.

Sustainability, Personalization, Service


  • Minimize returns: Corona resulted in a massive increase in online orders, some of which were split into several packages. It should be possible to send returns together, containers to be reused and delivered electronically. The use of the right technologies plays a major role in this.
  • Involvement of stationary trade: Companies should use regional products for their products and build “sustainability” into everyday office life. For example, SAP has been using 100 percent recycled paper since 2011.


  • Suitable products also correspond to their size: the easier it is for the individual, the better their customer experience, and the lower the risk of returns.


  • KPIs: A sustainable origin, packaging, and production can be checked and guaranteed. This information should also flow into your output to convince millennials, particularly with long-lasting, sustainable products.
  • UX and usability design: This includes the easy usability of the website, the display of relevant customer data in the storefront, quick purchase transactions, and much more. 

Success is no longer only characterized by a good business idea. Innovative companies like SAP face the challenges and seize the opportunities

  • sustainability
  • diversity and inclusion,
  • and provide transparency of business processes.

SAP’s recipes for success also allow other companies to develop and implement their climate strategies and make their webshop climate-neutral.

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