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What Are The Benefits Of Using RPA And AI Together?

The combination of RPA and AI expands the number and types of tasks we can automate in the company. After all, although they differ, the solutions offered are complementary.

Determine Uncertainties

Artificial intelligence can feed bots with information to perform actions, even if the programmer did not explicitly anticipate conditions. 

We see this possibility, for example, when using voice assistants, which indicate search results or the execution of applications, adapting to the terms used by the user.

Automate Processes With Many Variables

The ability to analyze and evaluate artificial intelligence makes it possible to use it in processes with multiple variables. Instead of relying solely on prior knowledge, automation can start from probabilities, taking actions based on complex information.

An example is to improve the screening of resumes, ranking candidates according to their compatibility with the vacancy. Another is to modify the products displayed to the customer in the online store according to the collected indicators while they browse the site.

Process Unstructured Data

Artificial intelligence can also transform volumes of data with unknown information, cataloging and making the info recoverable. Thus, from the structuring, RPA can be programmed to perform actions based on specific rules.

Imagine a database with all the purchases made in a store. In this case, after the AI ​​determines who the customers are and what items were charged, the RPA can use this data to assemble a report and answer relevant questions for managers, for example.

Solve Complex Problems

The sum of efforts makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks and several complex activities. With this, the return on investment can be extraordinary, achieving a scenario of hyper-automation and expanding the possibilities of reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving decisions, and streamlining processes.

Incidentally, relying on this technology, even in emerging businesses, is more accessible. An example is the use of cloud computing to minimize the demand for hiring specialists and investments in IT infrastructure, acquiring solutions as a digital service.

RPA And AI: How To Implement Them Together?

First, a study of a company’s repetitive processes and current productivity rates is necessary. Once this information is known, it is possible to look for a solution to optimize these values.

Then, the robot training phase should start, using a mapping of the steps and rules to be followed. So he can manipulate the UI in the same way an employee would.

With an existing RPA application, you can make it more autonomous and learn-ready by merging it with data science and statistics solutions.

A Robotic Process Automation system is usually more straightforward to implement than traditional methods and achieves more effective results. In addition, maintenance is also less costly due to flexibility.

RPA and AI tools are essential for anyone who wants to boost business, reduce costs and optimize work processes.

How To Accelerate The Transformation Of Your Company?

The most affordable way to rely on these solutions and implement them correctly is to seek eternal help. With an excellent partner, companies receive support and accelerate the digital transformation, quickly reaping the rewards of investment in technology.

The main difference is that instead of acquiring knowledge, experience, and technology alone, the organization receives these assets at an advanced stage of experimentation and development. Therefore, it can focus on its core activities while the partner provides the know-how to effect the changes.

Automation solutions that can be implemented quickly. The bots used are customizable to suit the services of different processes and departments, such as HR, finance, marketing, and administration. Therefore, it is possible to find the right innovation for the characteristics and needs of your company.

So you can also count on the built-in RPA and AI capabilities. And because these technologies reduce costs and increase productivity when implemented, there will be a quick return on your investment.

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