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What Is News Showcase, The New Google Service

The American giant is launching its Google News Showcase service in France, allowing press publishers to offer content on Google News and Google Discover, which will reimburse partner media.

From this Thursday, October 20, French press publishers can offer small “showcases” to highlight their content on Google News and Google Discover (news feed on mobile), Google said. This service, called Google News Showcase, was launched in October 2020 by Google to try to alleviate its relations with the press worldwide. Publishers regularly accuse the American giant of using their content in its search engine without paying the right price.

In the results of Google News or on Google Discover, Google News Showcase allows press publishers to offer small windows presenting several contents of their sites, in addition to the content directly corresponding to the Internet user’s search. It is a small showcase of their daily editorial production, the content they fully control, and for which Google pays them.

“A New Experience Of Access To Information”

The national press – 20 minutes, LE quipe, l Express, le Figaro, Le Monde, Le Parisien, le Monde… – is represented among the signatories, as are the regional press – La Dépêche, the Ebra group, la Provence… “It’s a new experience of access to information,” which will offer “perhaps an interesting value proposition” to publishers, Pierre Petillault, the general director of the Press Alliance of AFP, explained to AFP.

In their contract with Google, publishers must provide a minimum number of daily windows. They must also allow access to a “limited quantity of their paid content” via the new service. Google News Showcase “will be a showcase for our paid articles that we will use to recruit new digital subscribers,” said JEAN NIVOLAS BAYLET, general manager of La Dépêche, quoted in the Google press release

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Used By Over 1,800 Publications

Google initially wanted Google News Showcase to serve as an enforcement vehicle for new European legislation on neighboring rights, which requires it to pay press publishers for content included in its search engine. But the French Competition Authority slammed its fist on the table in July 2021, forcing Google to separate the two subjects. Google declined to comment on the amount of compensation that will be paid to publishers. It helps people to move forward in the technology field.

According to the American giant, Google News Showcase is present in around twenty countries and is used by more than 1,800 publications. AFP signed an agreement with Google at the end of 2021 on “neighboring rights,” which reimbursed the agency for five years for its content presented by the American giant and two commercial contracts, also signed for five years. The first concerns training journalists and journalism students worldwide in digital investigation techniques; the second concerns producing “mobile stories” and vertical visual formats for smartphones. The amount of these agreements is confidential.

This helps people in innovating new features. Google always provides its updates and makes people more interested. It attracts them to use the apps more frequently by promoting anonymous growth. By agreeing to their terms and conditions, you can use more benefits. They provide the updates more frequently to ensure users do not uninstall the apps. Their creativity cannot be compared to any other social media. Finally, read the article to know more. And explore the new apps by getting to know people and telling them. Even students get more opportunities from these apps for their study purposes.

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