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7 Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2023

Keeping up with mobile marketing trends is essential for every business because consumers spend more and more time on their smartphones.

So this is the best way to reach new audiences effectively, quickly and economically. Therefore, brands have to adapt to these changing times. As well as creating strategies to serve this audience effectively.

Additionally, the pandemic has played a significant role in increasing mobile app adoption. And also in the digital transformation of companies.

Your business needs to be ready for this, not just in 2023 – but right now. Check out the top mobile marketing trends for the coming year here. As well as the key areas your business should focus on.

The Strength Of Mobile These Days

Cell phones have become a significant part of our lives. We use it for different purposes, from updating social networks to finding information and shopping.

So that’s where companies find good opportunities, how to utilize people’s habits and offer your products most conveniently.

Discover The Main Trends In Mobile Marketing

Here is a list of top mobile marketing trends to explore and gain insights from. Use this content strategically. This will make it easier for you to reach your customers in a new and innovative way.

Voice Search

Voice search has revolutionized the way we search for information. In 2020 alone, voice search volume increased by 47%. And it still needs to be at its peak of feature development.

The reason for all this popularity is simple: practicality. After all, this is an efficient and simple way to get the information you need. No wasting time typing.

With the growing demand for devices like Alexa, the abovementioned numbers will increase. Making this one of the great trends in mobile marketing.

But how does this reflect on your strategy? The first step is to start thinking about optimizing your content for voice search.

Remember that people speak and type in different ways. Because users tend to talk to voice assistants as if they were talking to humans.

So that means you should work:

  • Questions;
  • Long tail keywords
  • Informal tone.

Video Content

These days, video is a very popular format, so much so that a short video engages a wider audience than text with similar content.

The reason is obvious: the format is more engaging, playful and easy to consume. Therefore, many experts believe videos will account for 82% of internet traffic in 2023.

It could be an unboxing video of best practices and uses. Or live with an expert from your team. The bottom line is that videos are definitely among the biggest trends in mobile marketing.

User Generated Content (UGC)

UGC continues to be a highly impactful feature within every marketing strategy. It works against the grain of influencer marketing. In this format, users are searched for and paid by advertising companies. User-generated content generates a higher degree of trust because it’s social proof: based on real life, unpaid experiences and opinions.

So this increases the brand’s credibility and is an excellent way to strengthen the relationship with leads and customers.

Examples of user-generated content include:

  • Posts and tags on your profiles on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest,
  • Comments on the brand’s blog and social networks,
  • Reviews on industry forums and apps like Trip Advisor, among others.

Social Commerce Among Mobile Marketing Trends

An estimated 3.8 billion people use social media. A number that only grows every year. Therefore, mobile marketing trendsetters need to find new ways to reach customers. As well as making the shopping process as easy as possible.

In that sense, shoppable ads are nothing new. Currently, many brands use the feature to interact with their consumers.

But many of them still have a small hurdle: to buy, you must follow a link to the company’s website and transact there.

This is where Social Commerce comes in. The resources allow consumers to buy a product within the social network. This way, the shopping journey is uninterrupted, and the customer can close deals faster and more conveniently.

But for now, the update on Facebook and Instagram platforms is still restricted to some countries.

Mobile Payment

The introduction of digital wallets such as Google Pay or Apple Pay has set new trends in digital marketing, especially since they have become extremely popular with consumers.

Research shows that by the end of the year, more than 50% of consumers will use mobile devices for shopping. This will make mobile wallet apps more popular than classic credit or debit cards.

Furthermore, mobile payments bring benefits to both – customers and businesses. After all, it’s much faster and easier than taking a card out of your wallet and typing in the password. Therefore, more payments can be made in less time.

When it comes to customers, less time means a more satisfying customer experience. This will likely lead to greater loyalty.

Greater AI Implementation

Artificial intelligence will become more crucial as brands delve deeper into mobile marketing trends. Companies have been using various AI technologies, such as:

  • Automated email content curation,
  • image recognition,
  • Dynamic pricing,
  • sales forecast,
  • Creating highly personalized offers to target potential customer segments.

So how can your company benefit from this? In addition to getting valuable analytics and saving you some money, AI can help you with the following:

  • Content management and email marketing,
  • Customer service,
  • Social media management.

Therefore, implementing it in your marketing strategy would be a big step. Having a digital marketing agency can speed up this process.

The Rapid Adoption Of 5G

With the arrival of 5G technology, brands must prepare for the new trends in mobile marketing. Where rich, relevant and interactive content will be one of the big stars.

Furthermore, as more users upgrade to 5G technology in the future, companies will have more opportunities to exploit the capabilities of this technology to the fullest.

In this way, the faster internet will allow highly creative interactive advertisements. Everything to increase the efficiency of your campaigns and improve the customer experience through AR and VR.

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