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Arsenal Of Cybersecurity Tools To Protect Your Company

Managers who are attuned to the world of Cybersecurity already know that only a firewall and antivirus are no longer enough to protect their company’s information, and that is why they are looking for new cybersecurity tools.

With the evolution of Cybersecurity, tools have become increasingly modern, integrated and specific to each situation. Because of this, today’s market has an abundance of cybersecurity tools.

On the one hand, this is a great scenario, as managers have more options and freedom of choice. But, in practice, the number of cybersecurity technologies available made life more complicated for the manager when choosing and combining these tools.

Therefore, our mission with this article is to simplify the manager’s life a little and bring valuable tips on choosing and using the tools to protect the business.

Let’s build your arsenal of cybersecurity tools there.

Before You Go Shopping, See What You Already Have In Your Wardrobe!

Or rather, in your company’s infrastructure! Did you know that you may not need to hire a specific solution for DLP but activate this configuration in tools you already have?

Well, as we said in the introduction to the text, it can be very confusing to choose the right tools, mainly because everything seems like an alphabet soup and urgent. Therefore, before making any decision, the first step is to know what you already have inside the house.

Start by taking a tool inventory (if you still need one) or update your existing list. Realize what cybersecurity-focused technologies and applications you already have. Also, investigate the security settings of your email provider, operating system, cloud servers and other systems.

It is possible to do a lot of protection by dedicating some time to making suitable security configurations in the current applications without purchasing a new tool. Ready for the next step?

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Network Topology?

Keeping the topology up to date is essential for two reasons. First, you will likely need to present this document to the vendor to quote for purchasing cybersecurity tools. And you only want to buy what you need or leave everyone out, do you?

Second, this document is the skeleton of what your network looks like right now, and this is critical for analyzing security holes and adding new layers of protection.

Spend some time building and updating this document with your team; we know it can be one of those tedious tasks, but doing so could save you time and money shortly. 

If your team has the expertise to identify possible security breaches just by analyzing the topology and infrastructure, you can act immediately, minimizing the impact of cyber attacks. Remember to include your local and cloud environment in this task.

Understanding Where Your Company Is On Its Cybersecurity Journey

We view Cybersecurity as a journey, not a 100m sprint. So, get used to the idea that there will always be a next step to continue keeping your information safe.

Having a “finish line” in Cybersecurity is impossible because the world is a living organism. We are constantly facing new technologies, trends, tools and scams!

But you can still define specific projects and deliverables to improve your cyber posture. If you need to know which stage of your journey and what you need to do to move forward, seek help.

Now Yes, Let’s Build The Security Layers With Cybersecurity Tools!

It is essential to understand that the firewall and other tools are just layers of a cybersecurity strategy.

It is interesting to observe this point because we can still rely on the next layer as a protective barrier when a layer does not work correctly.

It is for this reason that Cybersecurity is often compared to an onion or a castle. Each layer has a process and technology created to defend a part of the company and, consequently, the information.

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