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Five Cybersecurity Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2023

No company can afford to ignore cybersecurity. After all, clicking on a link in an email can open the door to a series of risks, in addition to causing financial and reputational damage.

Five Cybersecurity Trends To Apply In 2023

Now that you understand the scenario we live in, it is clear that ignoring reality only exposes your company to even more significant risks. More than that, believing that cybercriminals only attack large corporations is a misconception that can be costly.

The truth is every business has data, and it’s precious. Its mission is to protect them and ensure they are not accessed and used by unauthorized persons. Thinking about it, we’ve listed five trends that need to be considered in 2023. Check it out!

User Awareness

Is your team aware of how much their actions can affect the cybersecurity of the business? It may seem simple, but many employees act negligently and need help understanding the risks of certain behaviors and actions. 

Thus, investing in software and partnerships is only possible if your team does its homework. A good data protection policy needs to take care of the education and awareness of those who deal with data daily, regardless of the type and medium.

In addition, it is essential to promote educational work aimed at all professionals in the chain who deal with company information. This is because, albeit indirectly, their actions can generate cybersecurity risks.

Although it is not new, managers are increasingly aware of this factor. Therefore, thinking about training and educational campaigns is a trend that is worth applying.

Cloud Security

When it comes to information security, Cloud Computing deserves attention. This is because the matter is taken seriously at all stages, especially by service providers.

More than that, implementing cloud security strategies and resources can be considered one of the companies’ main trends and concerns for the coming years. After all, technology has become the basis for business development. 

Even though it is safer, it is not risk-free. The truth is that there are many processes to be improved and optimized, especially in businesses that deal with sensitive data.

The trend is precisely in the constant optimization of security in the cloud by updating and implementing new protection features, such as advanced encryption, threat detection software and cloud protection that covers services and applications.

Full Implementation Of LGPD

The General Data Protection Law (LGPD) brings a series of guidelines to increase data security. With a focus on protecting citizens and safeguarding their privacy, the norm is detailed and provides guidelines that must be followed in the letter. 

Although it has been in effect since August 2021, many businesses have yet to implement it. As a result, in addition to cyber risks, they are not complying with the law and are exposed to fines.

The point is that, given the constant increase in attacks, there is no way to leave this adaptation for later. The year 2023 needs to be a real milestone in advancing the application of the LGPD guidelines as an initial measure to reinforce security.

Once this is done, it is possible to establish more efficient standards in data processing, introducing the company to a broader and continuous journey of improvements and investments in this regard.

The first adaptations to the standard already represent significant improvements, mainly in the visibility of processes. In this way, the business takes a strategic step towards maturity in data security.

Security For Mobile Devices

Does your company take care of the security of mobile devices? With the rapid spread of remote work in companies of all sizes and segments, it is necessary to consider the subject. After all, smartphones, tablets and notebooks have become valuable work tools.

While generating significant advantages, mobile device vulnerabilities are a challenge for organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to implement methodologies and resources to guarantee data integrity, regardless of where it is. In addition to, of course, controlling access to this information.

Protection Of Corporate Media

Our fifth trend for 2023 is optimizing media protection. If you have not considered it, it’s time to understand its importance!

Acting practically, quickly and without geographical barriers is an essential benefit for companies. However, the flexibility of sharing data and information across different channels comes at a price. This often opens up security holes that make life easier for hackers.

To get around the problem, several companies are already modernizing their communication channels and investing in access control actions and monitoring the environment, as well as applications and devices.

At this point, hiring partners and specialized solutions is a strategic solution. This is because it promotes risk and cost reduction while increasing the company’s cybersecurity quality.

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