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Cyber ​​Attacks: New Opportunities to Fight Cyber ​​Criminals

Cyber ​​attacks have increased enormously in recent years. No wonder, since working from home, which has risen sharply during the pandemic, represents dream conditions for cybercriminals. Companies can protect themselves from attacks with as-a-service solutions.

Cybercrime is booming. And the numbers speak a clear language. According to a Bitkom study, attacks on companies caused damage of 223 billion euros last year, a record high. The damage is more than twice as high as in 2018/2019. Eighty-eight percent of companies reported cyber attacks in 2020/2021.

Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, which have difficulties taking care of their own IT professionally, like to use the as-a-service offers from service providers, as they often do not have the technical resources or insufficient IT staff due to a lack of skilled workers Find. Sometimes they want to outsource certain areas of their infrastructure.

Cyber ​​Attacks: More Flexibility With Cyber ​​Recovery Services

Recently, however, not only the number of cyber attacks but also the number of countermeasures have increased. Dell recently unveiled Cyber ​​Recovery Services at Technologies World in Las Vegas a year after launching its Apex portfolio. These were developed to simplify recovery management through standardized configurations and recovery options. Also, the provider can manage day-to-day cybersecurity operations as needed while assisting with data recovery. 

Various tools should already help detect cyber attacks and enable analyses without moving data back and forth. The offering allows customers to have a cloud-like experience recovering from a cyber attack. Companies gain time and agility by focusing more on day-to-day business and putting less effort into managing data security.

“With Apex Cyber ​​Recovery, customers can be confident that they can recover data after a cyberattack. They also gain flexibility by offloading the day-to-day management of data protection,”. The offer will initially be available in the USA and Europe.

Expanded Multi-Cloud Offering

Dell is also expanding its reach into the multi-cloud ecosystem, beginning with the release of PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Microsoft Azure on the Azure Marketplace. This should enable companies to set up an isolated cyber vault in the public cloud to fall back on their primary data center, a private Azure network, or a clean environment within Azure in an emergency. Dell previously provided a similar offering for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google Cloud support will be coming soon.

Dell also announced the launch of CyberSense on the AWS Marketplace to leverage analytics, metadata, and machine learning. And proactively detect, diagnose, and accelerate data recovery when cyberattacks occur. This identifies the last undamaged copy of the data that can be used to recover the data. PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for Microsoft Azure and CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber ​​Recovery for AWS will be available.

Be Prepared For Cyber Attacks With The Right Tools

IT managers have other options to protect their company against cyber attacks beyond in-house administration. With the right tools, they can be well prepared for potential incidents. Cyber ​​security adapted to the new developments is a prerequisite for successfully asserting oneself on the market in the future. What initially sounds like a lot of effort for IT can be managed relatively easily with modern solutions.

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